• Management and Personnel  3-4/2021

Issue # 3-4/2021 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

Legal Issues

Litvinenko I.Yu.

The “Right” term: concept and definition

It is analyzed the “Right” term and proposed the definition for it on the base of this analysis. It is explanation the using the lexical units for this definition.
Key words: right, low, right-understanding.

Management Tools

Krivo N.E., Krivo Yu.A.

Revealing the form of customer-oriented staff: “attention to the outstanding customer” — “attention to the flow of customers”

A specific case of application of the model of functional systems by P.K. Anokhin in the selection of personnel, which made it possible to find a new pair of human functional activity in the form of «client-orientation»: «attention to the outstanding client — attention to the flow of customers» and to create a simple experimental method for determining it. This criterion of personal activity of a person in the form of client-orientation allows for more accurate and successful selection or rotation of personnel in accordance with the competencies, functional responsibilities and business process of the enterprise. This pair of personality traits in the form of client-orientation confirms the diversity of the Augustinavichiute — Reinin signs and the situational nature of some of them, and this shows the limited possibilities of their use for verifying the type of information metabolism (TIM) of a person, and also requires their differentiation in terms of significance and methods of application. It is concluded that the psycho-informational model of Augustinavichute of the TIM of a person with the integration of the model of the functional system of P.K. Anokhin is a simple, universal and accurate tool that allows you to find new typical stable and significant in practice personality traits for recruiting personnel in order to create a team with specified parameters, find more accurately the personnel reasons for violations in the organization of the effective work of the enterprise.
Key words: client-orientation, psycho-informational type, Augustinavichute model, flexion test, test of strength, competence, business process, HR consulting.

Effective Communication

Udalova Ye.A., Frolova M.G.

Communication with representatives of the third quadra

In order to improve working interaction, methods of stimulating each socionic type from the third quadra are considered. Taking into account the socionic model of the psyche, an algorithm for influencing each mental function is described.
Key words: stimulation, interaction, socionics, personality type, personnel management, model A, mental function.

Socionic Methods

Kovalenko R.K., Zvonareva N.A.

Quasi-diagonal blocks and planning styles

This article discusses the quasi-diagonal blocks of Model A based on the characteristics of «verbality / lability», «appraisal / situationality» and «acceptance / productivity» and their principle of operation is considered using the example of planning styles.
Key words: socionics, irrationality, rationality, model A, quasi-diagonal blocks, planning styles.

Informational Structure of Society

Ant V.N.

The problem of diagnosing the integral sociotype of ethnos

The methodology and technique for diagnosing an integral sociotype is substantiated. The necessity of sociological research, holistic analysis and liberation from ideological considerations in the process of identifying the national mentality is shown.
Key words: integral sociotype, ethnos, integral socionics, socionics of large groups, mentality, national identity, socionic sociology.

Social Psychology

Jelali V.I., Havrilenko S.I.

Innovative activity and the universal responsibility of an expert

The concept of the innovation process is considered in detail. It is shown that the innovation process develops at 3 levels: individual, social and personal-social. The role and interest of an expert evaluating the results of creativity and innovation, as well as his responsibility for the results of the assessment are described.
Key words: innovation activity, innovation process, expertise, creativity, project, assessment, management.

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Management and Personnel 3-4/2021

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