About Us

On our site you can buy journals, books and articles on socionics, psychology and management.

These materials are provided by the International Institute of Socionics (IIS) - the leading research organization in the field of socionics. Since 1995, MIS has been publishing scientific journals on socionics and related disciplines, which until recently were distributed only by subscription and entered the libraries of large universities and universities in Ukraine, Russia and the CIS countries. Now readers have the opportunity to receive their electronic copies.

Some of the articles, studies, reviews and fundamental works published in the MIS journals are so large that they were published in parts, in several issues. So that the reader does not have to search for all issues and buy articles separately, all parts are collected in one reprint.

If you did not find the article you were looking for on our site, or really want to read the issue of the magazine for past years, which is not posted on the site, write to us, we will do everything in our power.

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