• Management and Personnel  3-4/2020

Issue # 3-4/2020 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

Management Tools

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Socionic methods in effective management

The theory and practical methods of application of modern socionics and its technologies for personnel selection, creation or reorganization of working teams and collectives are described. Special attention is paid to the issues of practical diagnostics and determination of socionic types. The authors - heads of the International Institute of Socionics - build their presentation on the basis of their many years of experience in conducting consulting work and trainings in the teams of 150 companies, firms, banks, sanatoriums, government institutions in a number of countries, including 50 main and related enterprises and organizations of RAO Gazprom in the Far North. With numerous examples, the principles of creating effective leadership teams are outlined. Such teams have a high efficiency, they achieve natural psychological, business and information compatibility and stability in a crisis. The issues of correspondence between the direction of the team and the actual problem being solved are considered. The systems of functional roles in the team, which play an important role in its work, are described. The system of psychological attitudes of the personality according to Burne-Bukalov, which play an important role for each company in the interaction of employees with clients and among themselves, is stated. The book is intended for anyone who practically works with people, practical psychologists, organizational consultants, business owners, executives and managers of all levels.
Key words: management, socionics, personality types, intertype relationships, team building, business and psychological compatibility, business psychology, HR, work collective, consulting.

Shlaina V.M.

Command solidarity

Harmony in work of command shows up as functionally-role coordination, which reflects the level of development of such socially-psychological mechanisms of intracommand cooperation as mutual understanding, mutual help, mutual trust between all of participants, tolerance, to other points of view.
Key words: management, command interaction, type of personality, socionics, psychological compatibility, business compatibility.

Socionics and Management

Banaru A.M., Banaru D.A.

Profession preference tendencies in socion

According to the classification of professions by E.A. Klimov, general trends in preferences of different sociotypes for different professions are considered. Small groups demonstrating the most and the least preference for each profession type are identified. These trends should be clarified by the means of the following levels of E.A. Klimov's classification.
Key words: professions, communicability groups, clubs.

Socionics Methods

Pushkareva S.P.

Effectiveness of applying basic socionic knowledge in coaching

The application of socionic methods in coaching is considered. The necessity of using the knowledge of socionics by a coach in practical work with clients is shown.
Key words: socionics, counseling, coaching, personality type, goal achievement.

Effective Communication

Udalova Ye.A., Frolova M.G.

Communication with representatives of the first quadra

In order to improve working interaction, methods of stimulating each socionic type from the first quadra are considered. Taking into account the socionic model of the psyche, an algorithm for influencing each mental function is described.
Key words: stimulation, interaction, socionics, personality type, personnel management, model A, mental function.

New Technologies

Jelali V.I.

Innovation paradigm and positive use of social and personal potential

There are shown the basic problematic area of development that are in need of radical improvement, and especially the systems that provide and responsible for their functional operation. As a key tool required for solving long time overdue problems, it is proposed to utilize the socio-personal unique system SANI (preservation and revitalization of new ideas), created to work with innovative information and participants of the innovation process.
Key words: system maintenance and revitalization of new ideas, personal potential, innovation sphere.

Social Psychology

Antoshkin V.N., Kochinashvili M.V.

Humanity's response to COVID-19 as a marker of the transition to a new civilization

The systematic typological methodology is used to analyze the response of the world and national bureaucracies to the pandemic. The conclusion is substantiated that advanced societies and humanity are on the verge of transition to a new civilization - stage IV of quadra and an integrative society.
Key words: sociology, normalizing power system (NSS), medicine, information competence, energy competence, agnotology, C.G. Jung's archetypes, socionics, the concept of knowledge deformation, phenomena of faith, fashion and fear, socio-historical rhythmology, sociotypes, IV-th quadra, integrative society.



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Management and Personnel 3-4/2020

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