• Socionics  3-4/2021

Issue # 3-4/2021 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal


Litvinenko I.Yu.

The concept of information metabolism

It is considered the concept of information metabolism in the subject area of socionics. It is supposed that it abstract and instrumental enough and it has to be correlated with the real psychical reflection as the “rule/following the rule”.
Key words: socionics, theory, methodology, information metabolism, psychical reflection.


Frolova M.G.

On the development of intuition

The practical methods of development of mental functions of time intuition (introverted intuition) and intuition of possibilities (extraverted intuition), which are realized in socionic trainings, are described. Examples of manifestation and perception of these functions are considered.
Key words: socionics, intuition of time, introverted intuition, intuition of possibilities, extraverted intuition, logic, ethics, personal development.

Practice of typing

Rusina E.V., Mitin A.V.

Using the analysis of the author's tale in typing practice

The task of writing a fairy tale on any topic is an effective method for studying information metabolism. The author's tale is a source of a huge amount of material about the psyche of the subject. The psyche in a creative situation relies on its strong functions, gives out a psychic stream corresponding to TIM, in which it is possible to distinguish between dominant aspects, Augustinavichute-Reinin traits, and quadral values. The analysis of a fairy tale is not only a valuable diagnostic material for determining TIM, but can also serve as material for checking the convergence between different socionic schools, different authors, and also be used for further research and for teaching socionics.
Key words: methods for determining TIM, semantic analysis of the author's tale, aspect analysis of information, free mental flow, data for analyzing the convergence of experts from different schools.

Prokofieva T.N., Tsigenov A.V.

Diagnostics by appearance: markers of incentive groups

Methods for diagnosing personality type by markers of appearance for stimulus groups are described, answers to frequently asked questions are given.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, TIM, model A, stimulus groups, non-monetary motivation, stimuli to activity, symbolic socionics.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Minaiev Yu.P.

A look at the bipolar signs of information metabolism types from the point of view of classical intertype relations

A 32-element group of socion sections is considered, which contains 4 subgroups of order 16. For all socion sections included in this group, formalized designations are intro-duced that make it easy to perform a group binary operation. It is shown that two of the four subgroups are distinguished from the point of view of classical intertype relations. Socion representations are used in the form of 8 element sets of pairs of types, combined into pairs by one of the types of symmetric intertype relationships. It is shown that in the case of split-ting the socion into pairs of one of three types (dual, extinguishing and superego), it is possi-ble to introduce operators of interpair relations, which are expressed through the well-known operators of classical intertype relations.
Key words: socionics, group of operators of classical intertype relations and its subgroups, quotient groups, cosets, operators of interpair relations, Augustinavichute–Reynin traits, Jung – Minaiev traits.

Personality Psychology

Zvonareva N.A., Kovalenko R.K.

Psychodiagnostic analysis system for evaluating TIM diagnostic methods

The article deals with the analysis of the effectiveness and acceptability of practical use of TIM diagnostic methods, a system for evaluating methods based on psychodiagnostic parameters is proposed.
Key words: socionics, psychodiagnostics, technique, TIM, typing.

Psychotherapeutical Issues

Litvinenko I.Yu., Shapovalova L.A.

Theoretical and methodological problems of client-centered therapy. Part 4

The theoretical and methodological foundations of client-centered therapy are considered taking into account the tools of the typological approach by C.G. Jung and Socionics by A. Augustinavichiute.
Key words: psychology, psycho-therapy, client-centered therapy, C. Rogers, methodology, dialectic method, system approach, socionics.

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