• Psychology & Socionics  3-4/2017

Issue # 3-4/2017 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal

Personality Psychology

Tsigenov A.V.


They live in our dreams, our wishes, our ideas, our accomplishments. They motivate us, they encourage acting, they temper us, and they are there in each of us. They are our fears. How to deal with fears and how to develop ourselves, we will cover in this article.
Key words: fear mentality, socionics, informational metabolism type, forms of fear, emotions, intellect, personality, socionics, function, logic, borders, desire, Model A, Huxley.

Socionics Methods

Prokofieva T.N.

Strategies for using socionic functions

The concepts of “strength” and “weakness” of human psychical functions, or informational metabolism functions, together with possible strategies of using these functions for achievement of vital goals, are considered.
Key words: socionics, psychological type, psychical function, informational metabolism function, C.G.Jung, A.Augustinavichiute.


Shulman G.A.

Program elements of the Socion

The LIE-ESI dual dyad has been placed on the first position of the Gamma Quadra in the first variant of the V. Leškevičius' Table of Intertype Relationships. This paper substantiates placement of the given dyad on the second position. It is shown that the programming agents of Socion are extroverted intuitive types.
Key words: Leškevičius' Table, Cube of Socion, programming agents, Quadra, social order contour, social progress contour, dual dyad, place in Quadra.

Informational Structure of Society

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Psychological and integral settings by Berne-Bukalov

The psychological settings (Life Positions), entered by E.Berne (I±, You±, They±), and their use at an estimation of the person are in detail considered. The new setting (That±), reflecting attitude of the person to world around, is offered. Application of all four settings in practice of consulting and expert work throughout 16 years is described. It is shown, what settings it is inherent to some politicians. Integrated installations of the states are described: the USA, the USSR, Russia, Ukraine and the European Union.
Key words: psychology, socionics, setting, type of personality, integral type, E.Berne, interpersonal relations.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Minaiev Yu.P., Datsenko I.P., Lisitsyn R.V.

Socion tetrachotomies, which are determined by 4-order subgroups of the intertype relation operators group

This article is the fifth in a series devoted to organization of student studies, where they will learn mathematical apparatus of socionics. This time, problems will be connected with quartering of socion with the help of 4-element subgroups of intertype relation operators group. This procedure identifies 16 sections in addition to 7 sections, identified by 8-element subgroups, from 6435-element set of central sections of socion.
Key words: socionics, types of information metabolism, intertype relation operators, group, subgroup, central sections of socion, bipolar traits.

Socionics in nursery

Eglit I.M.

Definition of socionic types of children

It is described a method of observation in the identification of TIM of children. There are noted some features of age filling of A-model. There are shown the examples of observed responses in the parameters of functions.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism type, child.

Psychological practical training

Babushkina M.S.

New employee and corporate style

The article describes situations of adaptation of a new employee to the corporate style and peculiarities of his/her interaction with new colleagues.
Key words: corporate image, management, collective.

Socionic Portraits

Filatova Ye.S.

Psychological types in biographies. Coco Chanel

It is investigated the personality type of the outstanding French fashion designer and businesswoman Coco Chanel. It is shown that she belonged to the type sensory-logical extravert.
Key words: socionics, personality type, psychological type, sensory, logic, extraversion, irrationality, Coco Chanel.


Prilepskaya N.A.

On the contiguity of science and religion

From the standpoint of socionics, the connection between scientific and religious ideas, refracted through the thinking of various writers and scholars with different socionic types, is examined.
Key words: socionics, science, religion, spirituality, worldview.

Practical psychology

Kovalenko R.K., Zvonareva N.A.

Socionics and psychosophy: a mutually beneficial symbiosis

The objects of studying two typologies are analyzed and the analysis of the principles of information division is made, and methods for using a combination of typological tools are given.
Key words: socionics, psychosophy, TIM, py-type, typology of personality.

Psychology and Natural Science

Guzenko S.V.,Tsygankova A.A.

To the history of the appearance of positional number systems

The origin of positional number systems, the concept of positional and nonpositional number systems, the appearance of new number systems with various bases are considered.
Key words: number, number system.

In the end of the Issue

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Song of the Socion

There are in the poetic form represented the principles of socionics and described the structure of the Socion.
Key words: Socion, socionics.

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Psychology & Socionics 3-4/2017

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