• Socionics  1/2017

Issue # 1/2017 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal


Golovchiner (Novikova) V.Yu., Soloimskaya V.P.

Adaptation of the Test of Aspect Metaphors for the English language

The experience of adaptation of the Test of Aspect Metaphors (TAM), proposed by the author, for the English language is described. A good knowledge of the language and the understanding of TAM’s method are necessary for the TAM adaptation. If it is necessary, the TAM can be very quickly and easily adapted for any language, this opens up new opportunities for our colleagues outside Russian-speaking environment.
Key words: socionics, testing, test, information aspect, semantics, language, dimensionality of mental function.

Zolotareva V.D.

The internal conflict of the value aspects of the gamma quadra through the prism of the “ethics of relations”

The aim of the research is to describe and to find specific patterns in the manifestations of the value aspects of the gamma-quadra. The article is dedicated to representatives of this quadra, their activities and peculiarities of thinking. The material may be applied both for theoretical studying of socionics and practical observations.
Key words: socionics, Gamma, aspects, quadra values, business logic, temporal intuition, volitional sensing, relational ethics.

Grigoryeva M.V.

Features of “intuition of time” for logicians from gamma-quadra

The features of the work of the “intuition of time” (T) at one block with the “business logic” (P). Their interactions and mutual influences on each other are considered, and also examples of the description of representatives of logicians-intuits from Gamma-quadra are given.
Key words: socionics, white intuition, black logic, Ego block, logical-intuitive extravert, intuitive-logical introvert.

Abramov S.D.

"Self" and a feature of TIM

The question is considered, what determines the uniqueness of TIM. Assumptions are made that one-dimensional functions can underlie the individuality, the selfness of TIM. It is demonstrated by the example of the ILI model (intuitive-logical introvert, (TP)). The issue of forming a false notion about TIMs is discussed on the basis of images of type and external features.
Key words: socionics, Model A, TIM, socionic function, one-dimensional function, signs of functions, Self.


Litvinenko I.Yu.

The primary and the secondary in the “aspects semantics”

Bipolar significances of the information aspects (IA) are considered as the base for contently interpretation for each of the 8 aspects as proposed. Such interpretation has to become the secondary (compared to this base). For this purpose it had been made the detail analyzes of each the bipolar significant.
Key words: socionics, information aspects, philosophy, methodology, aspects semantics.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Minaiev Yu.P.

How one should changes the bipolar traits’ poles under the action of classical intertype relation operators

Two variants of modernization of trait approach to intertype relations are discussed in the article. The results of such modernization are in line with the Aushra Augustinavichute’s intertype relations Theory.
Key words: socionics, classical intertype relation operators, canonical representation of operators, group of Augustinavichute–Reinin traits, group of Jung–Minaiev traits.

Practice of typing

Prihodko A.A, Murasheva I.E.

Diagnostic of restrictive function of А-model

In the article have offered a diagnostics technique of restrictive functions in model A. The authors collected and analyzed responses with the manifestation of the restrictive nature of the respondents of personality types. Highlighted the nuances of restrictive function.
Key words: socionics, restrictive function, technique of diagnostics, the subconsciousness, semantics of aspects, block ID, TIM, the Model A.

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