• Management and Personnel  9-10/2018

Issue # 9-10/2018 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

New Technologies

Yakovenko A.A., Pushkareva S.P.

The level of intellectual development and the type of information metabolism

The hypothesis that representatives of extrovert logical types demonstrate the highest level of IQ and that in general the logical TIMI cope with test tasks more successfully than the ethical one is experimentally tested with the use of the Progressive Matrix of Raven test. On a sample of 40 peraons the absence of a direct correlation between the type of informational metabolism and the level of development of intelligence is shown. It was also found that the IQ level has a significant impact on the implementation of intertype relations.
Key words: Raven test, socionic type, intelligence level, logic, ethics, extraversion, introversion, IQ.

Burtseva T.Yа., Krivo Yu.A., Krivo N.E.

Investigation of the dimension of “ethics of relations” in the personnel department

The types of informational metabolism (TIM) of personnel of the personnel department were investigated. It is found out: 1) absence of TIMs with an aspect of introverted ethics (relations) in small-sized functions: mobilization 4-th and suggestive 5th; 2) the majority of employees are TIMs with the aspect of the ethics of relations in multi-dimensional functions — which corresponds to the principles and models of socionics. The results of this study and the theoretical positions of socionics can be used to organize effective professional groups and to create a favorable psychological climate for work groups.
Key words: socionics, personnel department, aspect-dichotomous, type of information metabolism, dimensions, one-dimensional, multidimensional, introvert, ethics of relations.

Management Tools

Shlaina V.M.

Successful career management factors

The specific work of manager, factors of his successful career are considered. The aspects of self-development and self-marketing of successful manager are selected.
Key words: management, socionics, business career, psychological factor.

Socionics and Management

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Methods of practical socionics in the effective management and HR consulting

It is detailed description of the concepts and methods of socionics, particular personality types. The application of practical methods of socionics in the selection of personnel, management, consulting is considered.
Key words: management, human resources, socionics, formation teams, consulting.

Career Guidance

Kyivska A.G.

TIMs in different fields of activity

It describes how representatives of various socionic types work in a number of fields of activity: engineer, IT specialist, architect, doctor, marketer, lawyer, accountant, designer, and employee in the service sector.
Key words: personality type, profession, socionics, vocational guidance.

Socionics Methods

Piatnitski V.V.

The method of determining the integral types of collectives

Integral collective type, as exemplified by a secondary school collective, is determined with the use of classic psychodiagnostic method of individual scaling.
Key words: integral type of informational metabolism, socionics, collective, socionic testing .

Socionic Practical Training

Prokofiev V.G., Prokofieva T.N.

Express diagnostics of socionic type

The article is devoted to socionic express diagnostics based on observation of external markers, non-verbal responses, behavioral reactions. As a result of its application, we can gain additional advantages in any negotiation process.
Key words: socionics, express diagnostics, Augustinavichyute-Reinin signs, socionic small groups, feature markers, markers of the role function of model A, quality markers.

Informational Structure of Society

Pedan T.P.

New principles of social organization

Offers on the organization of management on the basis of knowledge of potential (abilities) of TIMs, their conformity to the certain kinds of activity and laws of interpersonal interactions are given.
Key words: socionics, collective, structure of the organization, the form of management, intertype relationships.


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Management and Personnel 9-10/2018

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