• Socionics  5/2018

Issue # 5/2018 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal


Kovalenko R.K., Zvonareva N.A.

On the structural relations of the Reinin trait “democracy / aristocracy”

The issue of increasing the theoretical validity of the diagnostic tools of the Reinin trait “democracy / aristocracy” is considered by improving its structural links with the model A.
Key words: socionics, Reinin traits, democracy, aristocracy, model A.

Golovchiner (Novikova) V.Yu.

Category of aesthetics in socionics

The connection of the category “aesthetics” with the socionic function “ethics of emotions” is shown.
Key words: socionics, aesthetics, psychology, culture, ethics of emotions, rationality, sensation.

Gulenko V.V.

The level of the function development: humanitarian dimension

4 levels of development of information metabolism functions are considered. As an example, these levels are described in detail for “structural logic”.
Key words: socionics, personality development, mental function, socionic type.

Socionic Practical Training

Eglit I.M.

Model of LSE in self-observation

Self-observations of the operation of the functions of the TIM model of a logical-sensory extrovert (LSE, PS) are collected. Comments are given on the parameters that indicate the position of the function in the model.
Key words: socionics, type of information metbolism (TIM), model of TIM, LSE, logical-sensory extrovert, dimension of functions, signs of functions, mentality, vitality, function block.


Minaiev Yu.P.

Irrational and rational languages of thinking

The Model A construction rules are considered from the point of view of Vekker’s unified theory of psychic processes. It is hypothesized that the irrational and rational parts of the information flow correspond to the two languages of thinking in the Vekker’s theory. The principles of introducing a hierarchically organized “basis” of the group of bipolar traits of information aspects are discussed.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, bipolar traits, Augustinavichiute‒Reynin traits, Jung‒Minaiev traits, thinking, unified theory of psychic processes.


Litvinenko I.Yu.

Dynamic side of information metabolism as the producing the secondary information flow

The dynamic side of information metabolism in the framework of A-model functioning is considered. It is shown that the basis of this functioning is the generation of the secondary information flow of each of the FIM. It is assumed that their totality appears as a whole, known as the “function of consciousness” acc. to A.Bukalov.
Key words: socionics, information metabolism, A-model, information aspects, function of information metabolism.

Personality Psychology

Levina T.V.

The coping strategies of people with character accentuations

The article presents the results of a study of the relationship between the manifestation of accentuations of character and strategies of adaptive behavior obtained with Patocharakterological diagnostic questionnaire and the questionnaire of Strategy of adaptive behavior. It is revealed that the intensity of character accentuation has a relationship with the preference for adaptive behavior strategies. The interrelations between the expression of the sensitive type of accentuation and the desire to actively change the environment, to escape from contact with the environment and immersion in the inner world are revealed; the severity of the schizoid-type accentuation and aspiration to a passive expectation of changes, a desire for active change itself; a manifestation of the conformal type of character accentuations and the desire to escape the environment and find new to passive subjection to the environment; the severity of the epileptic, unstable, asthenic-neurotic, conformal types of accentuations and the desire for passive representation itself.
Key words: coping, coping strategies, character accentuation, character, social adaptation, adaptive behavior, adaptive strategies, youthful age.

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Socionics 5/2018

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