• Socionics  1/2015

Issue # 1/2015 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal


Minaiev Yu.P.

The Gut matrixes and Jung–Minaiev bipolar traits

It is shown that the basis of bipolar attributes of the information metabolism types, which were used by M. Gut for the creating his matrix formalism of classical intertype relation-ships (by Augustinavichiute), is the one of the possible bases of the group of Jung–Minaiev traits. The comparative analysis of the Gut matrixes (with dimension 4×4) and Minaiev matrixes (with dimension 3×3) has been made. The basis of the group of Augustinavichi-ute–Reinin traits, which is convenient for the creating the matrix of classical inter-type re-lations operators analogically with Gut matrixes has been found.
Key words: socionics, inter-type relations, the group of Augustinavichiute–Reinin traits, the group of Jung–Minaiev traits, Gut matrixes, Minaiev matrixes, the matrix formalism of inter-type relations.

Golovchiner (Novikova) V.Yu.

Levels of information processing

The relation between the dimensionality of information metabolism functions by A. Bukalov and levels of intelligence by J. Feldman is considered.
Key words: socionics, psychical function, psychology, informational metabolism function, levels of intelligence, dimension psychical function.

Denisova A.A.

Problems of formation of relational ethics for different dimension function

The manifestations and features of relational ethics functions, depending on its dimensions, are described. There are presented and analyzed a number of examples.
Key words: socionics, psychology, mental function, relational ethics, education, relationships.


Litvinenko I.Yu.

Two ways to overcome of tertiary and some examples

It is offered the original material from 2004 with modern commentary on the methodology, devoted to tertiary and quaternary theoretical constructs.
Key words: socionics, methodology, tertiary, quaternary, humanities.

Udalova Ye.A.

Logical fetishism

Modern knowledge "skewed" towards the use of abstract logic. At the same time, real life and training in any activity or profession indicate the need to use all eight aspects of information, researched by socionics, namely logic, ethic, sensing and intuition in extraverted and introverted form.
Key words: socionics, logic, ethics, sensing, intuition, informational metabolism, work, activity.

Problems of Education

Kohanets A.I.

Socially mature personality of schoolchild in terms of socionics

It is suggested a solution for controllability of upbringing aspect of general secondary education. The content of methodical schoolchildren preparation for successful independent lives in society are also provided
Key words: personality, controllability of upbringing, socialization, socionics.

Personality Psychology

Egorova Yu.V.

Socionics in Gestalt

The article deals with the methods and application of socionics in Gestalt therapy and, in particular, in the self-concept. It can help Gestalt therapists work with clients both in the formulation of hypotheses, and in individual serving psychological care according to the type of information metabolism.
Key words: Gestalt, Gestalt therapy, socionics, logic, ethics, informational metabolism type, socionic diagnostics, strong function, weak function, self-concept.

Practice of typing

Prilepskaya N.A.

In the footsteps of "reality show"

The results experiments to determine the type of personality are considered. It is shown that the observation and watching videos of behavior of under study human make it possible to identificate personality type more accurate.
Key words: socionics, personality type, identification of personality type, psychology.



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