• Socionics  5/2013

Issue # 5/2013 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal


Gulenko V.V.

Emotional states and their notation in the symbols of humanitarian socionics

From the standpoint of Socionics there are investigated the concepts of emotional intelligence and emotion. It is conducted the correspondence between the basic emotions from the list of Paul Ekman and socionic functions, and the list is supplemented by emotion of doubt. The notation for the observed emotion through symbols of socionic functions is proposed. The scenarios of emotional interactions in compatible pairs are analyzed.
Key words: socionics, emotional intelligence , emotion, emotional state, function of ethics.

Tupjakova A.A.

Analysis of a small group on compare match of rational functions in the block EGO of model A

The article is devoted to analysis of small groups on compare match of rational functions in the block EGO of model A. The groups are examined in the horizontal block model and the general aspect of the information included in each block. The examples of statements of representatives of psychological types in each group are provided.
Key words: socionics, A model, horizontal blocks , small groups, logic of relations , ethics of emotions, ethics of relationships , logic of operations , subjectivism, objectivism.

Reviews of dissertations

Shkavro Z.N.

The use of methods of socionics in dissertations defended in the field of various disciplines

There are considered the dissertation with an interdisciplinary approach to research, defended in the field of various disciplines, in which the methods of socionics or its theoretical basis were used.
Key words: socionics, pedagogy, linguistics, philology, philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics, medicine, physiology, engineering sciences.

Problems of Education

Serpionova E.I.

Socionics in pedagogy: the experience of the stocktaking of needs and characteristics of ethics students in the teaching

It is explicated the author's experience in the use of socionics in teaching with high school students - especially the ethical personality types. It is shown how the right motivation of students to stimulate their active research and to participate in various competitions. Education using the case study is the most productive for ethics students. Socionic methods make it possible person to show and realize their potential.
Key words: socionics, psychology, education , school , personality type, ethics, education , motivation, ability.

Practice of typing

Tumolska V.A.

On the concept of resistance in the socionical diagnosis

This paper studies the phenomenon of resistance in the diagnosis of TIM, similar to that observed in psychotherapy.
Key words: socionics, psychotherapy, diagnosis, resistance.

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Socionics 5/2013

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