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Issue # 2/2012 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal


Mitrokhina A.L.

On dichotomical character of Reinin traits

There are shown the basic disadvantages of diagnostics of Reinin dichotomies without a support on structure of information model of psyche (A-model). Selection of a faceless list of traits without functional integrity with the psyche structure often leads to the distortion of the type image or to its full destruction, the type is considered in a separation from its role and a place in the Socion, the complete representation about type of information metabolism is substituted for mechanical enumeration of the established features. Reinin traits diagnostics without a support on structure of A-model is at the reason of the diagnostics errors as a result of subjective interpretations of the received data.
Key words: socionics, psychology, Socion, dichotomizing signs, type of information metabolism, definition of personality type.

Kruchinkina D.I.

The content-analysis of the volitional sensing function in verbal and labor blocks of A-model

On the basis of the analysis of socionical interviews is shown that in the spontaneous oral speech of the persons, which type having the volitional sensing function in the verbal blocks (Ego and SuperId) of A-model, the lexicon of this aspect makes approximately 28 % from lexicon of all other aspects. For types, which have this function in the labor blocks (Superego and Id), the similar lexicon makes only 6 % from the general lexical file.
Key words: socionics, information model of mentality, lexicon, psychology, verbal blocks, labor blocks, A-model, language communications.

Prokofieva T.N., Devyatkin A.S., Isaev Yu.V.

Practical application of horizontal blocks of A-Model

The ways of the practical application of the knowledge about horizontal blocks of A-model are considered. There are described the consequences of neglect or superfluous attention to this or that block. Article includes theme discussion at the scientific seminar of the Scientific research institute of Socionics.
Key words: socionics, A-model, horizontal blocks, Ego, Superego, Superid, Id, ego-condition, "adult", "child", "parent".

Tumolska V.A., Eglit I.M.

Research of a horizontal blocks orientation in A-model

It is shown that detection in speech of an orientation of horizontal blocks is complicated; the revealed orientation of the block not always corresponds to the theoretical orientation of the block in A-model of diagnosed type. The use of the block orientation in type diagnostics is not effective.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism (TIM), TIM definition, A-model, block of the A-model, the Ego, the Superego, Id, SuperId, management, management transfer.

Medvedovskaya N.V.

An experience of a lingvo-socionical associative experiment

An associative experiment on perception of semantics of pieces of music is described. A number of positions of socionical theories is experimentally confirmed. In experimental groups of students it is revealed the preferable selection of the semantics of the same information aspect.
Key words: socionics, psychology, linguistics, experiment, information model of psyche, aspect of information flow, quadral values.


Yermak V.D.

We co-operate!.. With whom? (A phenomenon of hierarchical systems)

Interactions and relations in systems, and also some properties of realities, models and systems, its realizing, are considered shortly. As an elementary example of an information component of system interactions is resulted the phenomenon of hierarchical systems.
Key words: socionics, realities, models, systems, socion.

Problems of Education

Anosova S.G.

On necessity of socionical knowledge for teachers of the general and correctional education in the conditions of the changing school environment

The purpose of article is to pay attention of experts in defectology, first of all the teachers-logopedists, and school psychologists and experts in the psychological-pedagogical centers of help and correction, on necessity of socionical knowledge for achievement of more comfortable and productive training on the program inclusive education. Article is devoted to diagnostics problems, including socionical, at children with the limited possibilities of health.
Key words: socionics, defectology, children, А-model.

Dolmatova L.I., Rozhneva T.A.

The grandson has gone to the first class. Socionics for grandmothers

Main problem of the article: the practical check by nonprofessional socionist the possibility of the psychological type diagnostics at younger schoolchildren with techniques by T.N.Prokofeva (from the Scientific research institute of Socionics), V.V.Mironov, L.A.Kochubeeva, M. L. Stojalova and V.V.Meged.
Key words: socionics, definition of type of information metabolism, Reinin traits, vocational guidance.

Language and Semantics

Zavgorodny V.O.

Socionical preconditions of a genre variety of Russian children's folklore

It is shown, how development of information structure of children’s mentality is connected with existence of children’s folklore, such as rhymes, fairy tales etc.
Key words: socionics, mentality, child, speech development, folklore.

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