From 19 to 24 September 2020, the annual International Conference on Socionics was held, which is organized  by the International Institute of Socionics and the editorial staff of the journal “Socionics, Mentology and Personality Psychology”. You can view all the video recordings of reports, see presentations, read abstracts and poster texts.

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At our annual conferences, all important issues of socionics, both theoretical and applied, are discussed. The list of topics below is provided only to guide speakers. You can give a talk or a message even if its subject does not correspond to any in the list. When forming the program, we try to group reports by topic, but focus primarily on the convenience of speakers by the date and time of presentation.

  • Socionic methods in management
  • Socionic methods of forming groups and collectives
  • Socionics and general psychology
  • Type and personality
  • Applied Socionics
  • Pedagogical Socionics
  • Small groups
  • Modeling psycho-informational processes
  • Development of a mathematical description of socionic concepts and structures
  • Determination of socionic types of real people, literary and film characters, collectives, groups, ethnic groups
  • Methodological and philosophical aspects of socionics
  • Socionic information analysis in the humanities
  • Ethnopsychology and ethnosocionics
  • Anthropological socionics


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Video records and presentations of 36-th International Conference on Socionics

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