• Psychology & Socionics  3-4/2020

Issue # 3-4/2020 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal

Practical Psychology

Egorova Yu.V.

Gestalt therapy and Socionics

The article deals with the methods and application of socionics in Gestalt therapy and, in particular, in the self-concept. It can help Gestalt therapists work with clients both in the formulation of hypotheses, and in individual serving psychological care according to the type of information metabolism.
Key words: Gestalt, Gestalt therapy, socionics, logic, ethics, informational metabolism type, socionic diagnostics, strong function, weak function, self-concept.

Personality Psychology

Golovchiner (Novikova) V.Yu.

The “Emotivism-Constructivism” dichotomy in psychological and psychotherapeutic practice

The features of psychotherapeutic work with emotivistes and constructivistes are described. There are recommended for emotivistes to focus on their thoughts, and for constructivistes - on their feelings.
Key words: socionics, psychotherapy, personality type, inert psychical functions, contact psychical functions.


Litvinenko I.Yu.

Conceptualization of General psychology science: the system approach, socionics methodology

It is proposed the view on the General psychology subject by the using the system approach instrument and the socionics method as the “information-aspects structuring”.
Key words: psychology, General psychology, theory of mental reflection, psychic phenomena, socionics, system approach.

Practical Socionics

Krivo N.E.

Socionics as a profession and science: development and continuity

Voronezh Scientific and Practical Society of Socionics together with the Ortho-Form Center for the Physiology of Activity (Voronezh, Russia), with the patronage of the International Institute of Socionics (Kiev, Ukraine) has been developing ortho-socionics since 2013: the neuro-physiological and psycho-informational directions in socionics on the principles of maintaining the continuity of a professional and scientific school from the founders of socionics in the context of the development of science, technology and social institutions. We use both original neuro- and psycho-physiological methods, the Yu.A. Krivo’s orthological method, defined by the specifics of application in the field of psychosomatic and physical health, orthopedics, medicine, as well as technologies traditional for socionics and psychology, and the aspect-dichotomy method by A.V. Bukalov & O.B. Karpenko for personnel and family counseling, management, marketing, pedagogy. Socionics is taught modern and accessibility-improving technologies with the direct participation of the International Institute of Socionics with certification of a bachelor or master of socionics by the International Academic Council on Socionics. More than 60 meetings of the Society are held, by April 2020, 5 scientific and practical conferences have been organized, we have taken part in reports at 8 conferences, social media activities have been organized, and live broadcasts are being conducted. Thus, the conditions are created for the involvement of socionics specialists in social professional activity.
Key words: professional society of socionics, ortho-socionics, orthological, neuro-physiological, psycho-physiological, psycho-informational, psycho-somatic.

Mathematical methods in socionics

Minaiev Yu.P.

The classification of the directed blocks of the A-Model and the system of formalized identifications of operators of classic intertype relations

This is the twenty-third article in a series of publications devoted to the study of mathe-matical methods of socionics. The concept of directed blocks of A-Model is considered. The identification of each element of the set of directed blocks is carried out using four dichotomies. These dichotomies of the set of directed blocks are put in a one-to-one correspondence with the dichotomies of the set of intertype relations operators. The connection of the indicated dichotomies with some central dichotomies of the socion is also traced.
Key words: socionics, types of informational metabolism, classical intertype relationships, A-Model, directed blocks, a group of operators of classical intertype relationships, central dichotomies of socionic sets.

Socionic portraits

Shkavro Z.N.

Type of informational metabolism intuitive logical extrovert

The TIM (type of informational metabolism) of the psyche of ILE (intuitive logical extrovert, IL) is considered on the examples of people of this TIM realized in different professions.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, identical TIMs.


Chernyavsky A.V.


Hypothesis and examples of calculations of genetic inheritance such as informational metabolism. Establishing patterns of transmission of socionic functions, determining the dual (phenotypic — genetic) device of the ego block of model A that sets the beginning for all TIM.
Key words: socionics, genetics, inheritance of socionic traits, genetic transmission of TIM.

Problems of Education

Tsygankova G.А.

Cycloid and other curves

The article considers cycloidal curves — cycloid, cardioid, astroid, presents their form, equations and some properties.
Key words: cycloidal curve, flat line, trajectory.

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Psychology & Socionics 3-4/2020

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