• Psychology & Socionics  2/2015

Issue # 2/2015 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal


Minaiev Yu.P.

The Mirror-Congenerity relay-race with Duality supporting (the new view on the socion mechanism of social progress working)

It is proposed the new graphical appearance of the socion ring-structure which consists of interchanged squares and quadras. Each Duality pare by this way is belonging to adjoining squares and quadras. This structure could be watched as the set of two syncline ring-structure series of social progress, one of which consists of static in-formation types, another – of dynamic. On the scheme it is well seen the triplet of constitute elements of inter-type relations group in Socion. It is making the attempt to background the priority direction in Mirror and Congenerity intertype relations.
Key words: socionics, the ring-structure of Socion, inter-type relations, squares and quadras groups, the quadras changing law.

Shkavro Z.N.

The role of functions binarity in blocks of A model

It is necessary to consider indissolubility of the coupled functions in the block of A model at their analysis during the TIM identification. It is shown that the selectivity to the information of two personality types with the same function of the same dimensions at different complementarity of the blocks considerably differs, as the vector of the purpose, interest to certain area of the information changes.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, A model, block of functions, type definition, dimension of function.

Encyclopedia of intertype relationships

Tsypin P.E.

Features of relations within quadra

Detail, using the information model of the psyche, there are described the intertype relationships within quadra.
Key words: socionics, type of informational metabolism, A-model, intertype relationships, quadra.

Practical Socionics

Meged' V.V., Ovcharov A.A.

Application and development of differential socionics

The direction “Differential socionics”, using author's dynamical model of interpretation of type and relations, is described. In this direction variability of type, its accents, subtypes and psychoforms is considered.
Key words: socionics, personality type, intertype relations, information aspects.

Health Psychology

Nekrasov A.S.

Features of alcohol consumption representatives of goal setting groups

It is described the behavior of of representatives of small groups "Group of goal-setting" in an informal atmosphere, in a cocktail bar. The features of their behavior, consumption of alcoholic beverages, as well as to achieve inebriation, are discussed. The author is co-founder of the bar "Under a fly" (Moscow) and shares his observations.
Key words: goal setting group, statics, dynamics, rationality, irrationality, extraversion, introversion, linear-assertive, balanced-stable, receptive-adaptive, flexible-maneuvering, bar, goal.

Personality Psychology

Alekhina N.V.

How does the perception of the world depending on the "mask"

"Masks" may cause harm or benefit to its owner, depending on who controls the "mask" or man. The article describes the experience of conscious "putting on" and "removal" of "masks" temporary transfer accents attention and information processing in the region of strong functions of other TIMs. The author shares his feelings with such "transition". The paper presents examples of how the author managed to feel deeply sensing, logic and introversion, as the nature of the intuitive-ethical extrovert. You can learn to activate these feelings , depending on your needs. The author shows that it is necessary to do in order to "put on" over "mask" temporarily, as a communication model, how to control its manifestations. Also she raises the important question of how to "remove" off the "mask" without letting it "to increment" and harm the psyche.
Key words: socionics, TIM, informational metabolism, "mask", communicative model, TIM distortion, psychological problems and challenges, intertype relations.


Mironov V.V., Reinin G.R.

History of creation the theory of dichotomial traits

The G.R. Reinin interview is a story of his acquaintance with socionics and working with A.Augustinavichiute on dichotomous traits.
Key words: socionics, Reinin signs, A.Augustinavichiute.



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