• Psychology & Socionics  3/2013

Issue # 3/2013 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal


Kozin R.A.

Socionics and science of the future

It is shown that socionics as the science of consciousness, integrating the knowledge of various sciences has real potential to become the basis for a scientific psychology and other human sciences.
Key words: socionics, psychology, anthropology, neuroscience, consciousness, the information, the type of information metabolism, psychophysiology.

Psychology in Army

Ivanov D.A.

Psycho-diagnostic technique "Peacemaker"

The author's psycho-diagnostic technique approved on a plenty of military men before and after fulfillment of peace-making mission is offered
Key words: psychology of the person, military service, peace-making mission, psycho-emotional stability, a social maturity.

Informational Structure of Society

Popov V.P., Krajnjuchenko I.V.

Psyche in the Universe

It is considered the unity of laws of development of psyche of all aliving, including a human. Connection of this development with organization laws in the nature as a whole is shown.
Key words: development of psyche, self-organizing, mankind evolution, biosphere, cybernetics, management, self-regulation.

Practical Socionics

Meged’ V.V.

Type accentuation: behavior and visual diagnostics

The article describes 8 biological accentuations and 4 psychological accentuations of personality types proposed by the author. The biological accentuations of the type represent projections of information elements of world perception by personality types onto their bio-psychical level, and psychological accentuations represent projection of psychological criteria, such as rationality/irrationality, extraversion/introversion, onto the psychophysical level of the type. The article contains descriptions of all the type accentuations.
Key words: socionics, psychology, personality type, temperament, psychical norm, intertype relationships, thinking style.

Socionic Portraits

Dospekhov S.V.

The artist in the mirror of socionics: Mstislav Dobuzhinsky

Application of the method of the content-analysis gives the possibility to define type of an information metabolism of the Russian artist Mstislav Dobuzhinsky as the logical-sensory extrovert (LSE).
Key words: socionics, psychology, type of information metabolism (TIM), psychical functions, Jung’s criteria, Reinin’s criteria, content-analysis, art creativity.

In the End of the Issue

Beletsky S.A.

Fairy Tale about Socionics, or Socionics in Foxes

The fairy tale, in which process of discovery of own socionic type is shown, is presented. The attentive reader can recognise in heroes of a fairy tale — socionic types, and in prominent features of heroes — displays of work of functions in model A and dichotomic criteria. Also in a fairy tale intertype relationships and others socionic rules are reflected. In the end the author conducts socionic analysis of this fairy tale.
Key words: socionics, psychology, personality type, intertype relationships, personality development, self-knowledge.



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Psychology & Socionics 3/2013

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