• Psychology & Socionics  11/2014

Issue # 11/2014 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal


Mitrokhina A.L.

Strategic and tactical logic and ethics

In the article it is analyzed the work of functions of vertical blocks of A-model, “strategy–tactics” trait is considered as a trait of Socion dichotomy. There are distinguished and described features of the manifestation of strategic and tactical logic and ethics of the representatives of aristocratic and democratic quadras.
Key words: socionics, A-model, “strategy–tactics” trait, quadra, logic, ethics.

Minaiev Yu.P.

The temperamentary–clubian table of multiplication of operators of intertype relationships

It is analyzed the idea by V. Gulenko about the making up the intertype relations as the result of interference of temperament aspect and the aspect of activity-attitude. It is shown that excessively “humanitarian” approach by the watching this question could lead to the mishmash with the making up the asymmetrical intertype relations. It is proposed to expand such watching by “scientistic” approach with using the concept of multiplication of operators of intertype relations.
Key words: socionics, intertype relations, temperament group, activity-attitude group, multiplication of operators.

Frolova M.G.

Few-dimensional intuition of time

It is described the manifestation of low-dimensional intuition of time at the sensory personality types. The practical recommendations for proper interaction between the intuitive and sensory types are given.
Key words: socionics, intuition of time, dimension of psychical function.


Litvinenko I.Yu.

On the relation between socionics and psychology

The question on a correlation between socionics and psychology is considered, in particular - as it is seen from the psychological point of view. It is shown how psychological theoretical and methodological principles lead to distortions of socionical knowledge. The conclusion is that the psychologism in socionics looks like as the claim of certain system to include a system of greater level.
Key words: socionics, psychology, methodology.

Intertype relationships

Tsypin P.E.

Encyclopedia of intertype relationships

Detail, using the information model of the psyche and the sign of the function there are described personality types. There are nalyzed all intertype relations and described their features.
Key words: socionics, type of informational metabolism, A-model, intertype relationships.

Sherbakova A.A.

How to improve relations with the Socionics tools

The article is devoted to the improving of relations with the use of Reinin traits, A-models and algebra of intertype relationships.
Key words: A-model, kindred relations, stimulus group “Ladies”, attitude to the welfare, yielding , obstinacy process, result, semantics of aspects, business logic, structural logic.


Tangemann O.B.

Associative musical typology

Associative musical typology is aimed at deepening our knowledge about the psychology of personality and psycho-diagnostics from the perspective of associative socionics. According to the Butterfly Model of the psyche, the preferences in music and colour are not entirely random or influenced by culture but are linked with the personality typology. Personality type is inborn and does not change through an individual's lifetime. It is tied up with the psycho-physiological make-up and the core of a person’s identity. The individual preferences in music were studied between the four groups of personality types (Ego-, Id-, Superego-, Superid-types) from the perspective of the differences in the type of psychic energy we carry within us. In the article you will find the psychological profiles of music (Ego-, Id-, Superego-, Superid- music) which should be considered as a guideline only for the individual preferences in music for each of the four personality types.
Key words: associative typology, socionics, music, colour, personality, psycho-diagnostics, psychic energy.

Problems of Education

Shulman G.A., Kishko S.B.

On the school club of the English and American poetry

The authors share their experiences of conducting of the Club of the English and American poetry in the school as one of the best examples of extracurricular activities, quickening the routine process of school education. The fact that the club has lived and worked for nine years, says of itself.
Key words: poetry, translation, creativity, learning.



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