• Psychology & Socionics  9/2012

Issue # 9/2012 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal

Psychotherapeutical Issues

Ivanov D.А.

Role of Personal Peculiarities in Development of Alcoholism and Psychotherapeutic Help

The psychological peculiarities of military personnel that inclined to alcohol addiction and based on the analysis of literature and author’s personal experience have been displayed. Also, the psychotherapeutic approach to treatment of alcohol addiction has been presented.
Key words: psychotherapy, alcohol abuse, psychological peculiarities, military personnel.

Problems of Family

Melnik O.A.

Taking Care of a Child, Don't Forget about Each Other!

The problem of estrangement between spouses, who pay too much attention to children, is considered.
Key words: psychology, family, parents, children.

Olkova Ye.V.

Mother and Child. Intertype Relationships and Recommendations

The intertype relationships between mother and child are considered. The detailed analysis of mirror relationships is given. The features of development of psyche of child are described taking into account the informative filling of psychical functions. Recommendations for parents on upbringing of children are made.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, parents, children, upbringing.

Socionic Methods

Mitrokhina A.L.

Grof's Basic Perinatal Matrices and Quadral Values

With use of the concept of basic perinatal matrices (BPM) by S.Grof and their connections with quadral values in socion, discovered by A.Boukalov, the detailed correlation of separate quadral information aspects and different aspects of BPM is conducted. The question of formation of type of information metabolism is discussed.
Key words: socionics, perinatal matrices, imprinting, type of information metabolism, forming of psyche, informational flow aspect.


Pogodin I.A.

On Natural-Science Resources of Modern Psychotherapy

Ideas of quantum mechanics, which could serve as a resource for development of the dialogue-phenomenological psychotherapy, are analyzed. The author places in the focus of attention the following: Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Bohr's complementarity principle, principle of superposition and concepts of quantum blank, decoherence and recoherence.
Key words: Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, Bohr's complementarity principle, principle of superposition, quantum blank, decoherence and recoherence, entangled states, quantum mechanics, probability.

Physics of Consciousness

Bukalov A.V.

Some Phenomena of Consciousness and Jung’s Archetypes

The phenomena of Jung’s archetypes, acupuncture meridians and chakras as structures of mentality and levionic superfluid bodies of the person are considered. The questions of an explanation of the phenomena of clairvoyance and telepathy as aspects of interaction levionic quantum condensates of biosphere of the Earth are discussed.
Key words: archetype, acupuncture meridians, chakras, superfluidity, clairvoyance, telepathy, quantum levionic condensate, consciousness, DNA, integrated genome of the Earth biosphere.


Mansurova M.M.

Spiritual Values as Psychological Program of Happy Fate

The tendency to involve in psychotherapeutic work in adittion to doctors other specialists (spiritual psychologists, theologists, theologists-ecclesiastics) is defined by increasing demand for necessity to involve new forces in order to cope with spiritual crisis of a person, family and society. The main reason of spiritual crisis is that all people want to be loved and happy but cannot love and give happiness to others. A person without feeling of Divine Love is doomed to degradation, that is why the main emphasis in this work is made on the research of spiritually-cultural basis.
Key words: psychology of spirituality, spiritual crisis, gender differences of spiritual values, family happiness, self-esteem, Christian ethics of communication.

In the End of the Issue

Beletsky S.A.

Fairy Tale about Socionics, or Socionics in Foxes

The fairy tale, in which process of discovery of own socionic type is shown, is presented. The attentive reader can recognise in heroes of a fairy tale — socionic types, and in prominent features of heroes — displays of work of functions in model A and dichotomic criteria. Also in a fairy tale intertype relationships and others socionic rules are reflected. In the end the author conducts socionic analysis of this fairy tale.
Key words: socionics, psychology, personality type, intertype relationships, personality development, self-knowledge.



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