• Psychology & Socionics  5/2012

Issue # 5/2012 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal


Podmarkova I.P.

On Semi-Dual Relations in Marriage

The features of semi-dual relations in marriage are considered. The analysis of these relations on the Reinin-Augustinavichute traits is conducted. Possible problems and ways of their decision are analyzed.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, marriage psychology, married couples, semi-duality.

Psychotherapeutical Issues

Prilepskaya N.A.

Practical Socionics and Method of Fractal Picture

It is conducted the correlation of semantics of colors in the Lüscher’s test with the aspects of information flow in socionics. The display of the corresponding psychological at various levels is in details considered. Author’s experience of application of the fractal picture method is described.
Key words: socionics, Lüscher’s colour test, psychodiagnostics, drawing test, fractal picture.

Problems of Socionic Education

Neboryakina V.V.

Pictorial Presentation of the Socion

The article consists from mnemonic rules and advices, how better to memorize the major socionical information. They are based on simple and evident model of Socion, offered by V.Gulenko and V.Tyshchenko.
Key words: socionics, socion, socionic types, Reinin’s criteria, teaching, model.

Physics of Consciousness

Bukalov A.V.

Quantum Structures of Person and Holographic Nature of Psyche

It is shown, how the levionic theory of quantum bodies of human explains the known phenomena of holographic work of brain. The various researches of the psychokinetic phenomena are considered. It is display that possibility of existence of the similar phenomena is explained that molecular structures can be under rigid management quantum superfluid levionic bodies. Possibility of an explanation of phenomena of teleportation is discussed also.
Key words: physics of consciousness, holography, psychokinesis, quantum levionic body of human, psyche, teleportation, poltergeist, placebo.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Dubrov Ya.A.

The Topos Model of Fuzzy Types and Fuzzy Intertype Relations

The topos model of fuzzy (indistinct, ambiguous) types and intertype relations is analyzed. The theoretic-categorial justification of relative socionics is given. The relation of a form-colour socionics and chakra system with the topos socion model is demonstrated.
Key words: topos, fuzzy, the membership function, relative socionics, form-colour socionics, chakra system.

In the End of the Issue

Beletsky S.A.

Fairy Tale about Socionics, or Socionics in Foxes

The fairy tale, in which process of discovery of own socionic type is shown, is presented. The attentive reader can recognise in heroes of a fairy tale — socionic types, and in prominent features of heroes — displays of work of functions in model A and dichotomic criteria. Also in a fairy tale intertype relationships and others socionic rules are reflected. In the end the author conducts socionic analysis of this fairy tale.
Key words: socionics, psychology, personality type, intertype relationships, personality development, self-knowledge.



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Psychology & Socionics 5/2012

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