• Management and Personnel  7-8/2016

Issue # 7-8/2016 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

Socionics and Management

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Methods of practical socionics in the effective management and HR consulting

it is detailed description of the concepts and methods of socionics, particular personality types. The application of practical methods of socionics in the selection of personnel, management, consulting is considered.
Key words: management, human resources, socionics, formation teams, consulting.

Management Tools

Yakovenko A.A.

The labor market in the conditions of modern realities

The specificity of the modern labor market and human resource management is described, as well as the peculiarities of working with the staff.
Key words: labor market, personnel, social processes.

New Technologies

Jelali V.I.

Development and effective use of the creative, moral and innovation potentials

A system for the conservation and activation of new ideas (CANI), developed in Cib-centre (Kiev, 1975-2009) with the active participation of a number of institutions and organizations of Kiev is described. Activities of Ukrainian Center for conservation and activation of of new ideas (UC CANI) contributed to the generation, collection, development and implementation of the very important social and personal results.
Key words: potential, personality, idea.

Informational Structure of Society

Popov V.P.

Myths of economic theories

It has been shown that any economic theory contains provisions poorly corresponding to economic practice. So in the application of the theory you should be critical of its ideological aspects.
Key words: economics, theory, market, management, regulation.

Problems of Education

Karavaeva S.A.

Teaching English considering the speed of the information perception

The article deals with the connection the speed of the information perception and the way of the material presentation in English language teaching. It is given a description of each perception group and incoming traits, features of the behavior and assimilation of information in each group, examples of material explanations, as well as the ways to overcome misunderstandings in groups where each student acquires the information with his own speed.
Key words: mastering of material, type of information metabolism, teaching methods, classroom management, perception group.

Psychology in Army

Ivanov D.А., Rychka O.V.

Psychology-psychiatric support of servicemen in combat zone

The article is devoted to discussable problems of modern military psychiatry. Peculiarities of organization of military psychiatric service across medical support system have been pointed out. Existing triage shortcomings and ways to improve triage on forward level of medical care have been presented. Attempt to systematize free use of some definitions, outdate and modern psychiatric terminology has been made.
Key words: military psychiatry, servicemen, battle environment, mental disorders, reactive states, acute stress response, adaptation disorders, post traumatic stress disorders, medical company, inpatient care, level of medical care, psychiatric care..

Socionic Methods

Shkavro Z.N.

Fields of Socionics applications

There are considered the various applications of socionics from the description of personality and forecasting intertype relationships to the analysis of integrated types of ethnoses and the states. It is shown that socionics contains the fundamental device for the description of various spheres of human activity.
Key words: socionics, psychology, personality type, interpersonal relations, integrated type of ethnos.

Litvinenko I.Yu.

Factors that define the personality type

A hypothesis is considered that spatial DNA conformation determines the informational metabolism type of human.
Key words: socionics, DNA, informational metabolism type, psyche.

Stukas V.A.

Model T and description of subtypes

In article the bases for construction of complete model T (psycho-physiological model of information metabolism) are expounded. The formulas of complete model Т are resulted. It is given the interpretation of subtypes of types of information metabolism, allocated and described by V.Gulenko as terminal and initial subtypes, by means of complete model T.
Key words: socionics, socionic type (TIM), subtype, terminal subtype, initial subtype, model A, psychophysiology, model T, psychical function (PF), nervous system (NS), general thresholds of NS, private thresholds of NS, force/weakness of NS, steadiness/unbalance of.

Socionic practical training

Shlaina V.M.

Technology and problems of typing

The factors complicating definition of socionic type are analysed. Phases of formation of the expert are described.
Key words: socionics, socionic type, typing, the expert.


Pedan T.P.

Project for implementation of socionics in school

It is offered a program of Project for mass implementation of socionics in school. It is presented the essence of project; there are described problems of students, parents and teachers that can be solved. There are listed necessary resources and efforts to achieve this goal.
Key words: education system, socionics, psychology, personality, innate potential, family, school, psychological compatibility, TIM, individual approach, strengths and weaknesses, characteristics, career guidance, harmonization of society.

Psychotherapeutical Issues

Reutsky M.V.

Errors in psychological counseling

Some basic errors, which are committed by psychologists in the process of the individual, group and family counselling (psychotherapy) as a result of excessive motivation of helping behavior, are described. That is typical for a beginning consultant and subsequently can be the substantial factor of the professional burning out of specialist.
Key words: psychology, psychotherapy, psychologist-consultant, helping behavior, professionalism.


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