• Management and Personnel  5/2013

Issue # 5/2013 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

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Beletsky S.A.

The study of prognostic features of C.G.Jung typology in career-oriented work

It is an experimental study of the relationship between psychological types according to Carl G. Jung and the human professional activities. The hypothesis of the existence of a correlation between the propensity of man to work and confidence in it and differentiation of his mental functions is confirmed. It is shown that the C.G.Jung typology is suitable for use in career-oriented work.
Key words: Jung typology, mental function, career guidance.


Karepova E.V., Reutsky M.V.

The reasons for "flight from the profession" of professional psychologists

Questions of a phenomenon of flight from a profession as one of manifestations of professional deformation of specialists in the helping professions, leading to decrease motivation, avoiding of professional activity, social addictions and psycho-emotional burnout, are considered.
Key words: psychology, psychotherapy, education, profession, professional activity, psychologist, client.

Problems of Education

Neboryakina V.

A construct "the style of learning activities" and methodology of its research

It is shown that in methodology of the uniform humanities about personality, as well as the methodology of anthropology, socionics claims the the status of general science, as has a set of necessary categories and the required tools.
Key words: socionics, philosophy, anthropology, personality, science, knowledge, information metabolism.

Socionics Methods

Sharenkova V.Yu., Osipov A.V.

The study of intuitive-logical extravert

The results of investigation of IL-type representatives made by the method of interview are presented. The analyze of answers allows to reveal the peculiarities of work and the properties of functions of informational metabolism for A-model of this type, some of Reinin's traits and small groups, type features.
Key words: IL, model A, aspects of information, functions of informational metabolism, dimension.

Ralchenko K.V.

Parameter norms and its practical definition

The practical recommendations concerning revealing of parametre of norms (Nr) in functions of A-model are given. Some typical errors of socionicst-beginners are resulted.
Key words: socionics, A-model, dimension of information metabolism functions.

Socionic Practical Training

Dolmatova L.I., Rozhneva T.A.

Socionics: grandmothers about the grandchildren

Main problem of the article: the practical check by nonprofessional socionist the possibility of the psychological type diagnostics at younger schoolchildren with techniques by T.N.Prokofeva (from the Scientific research institute of Socionics), V.V.Mironov, L.A.Kochubeeva, M. L. Stojalova and V.V.Meged.
Key words: socionics, definition of type of information metabolism, Reinin traits, vocational guidance.

Problems of Socionic Education

Shulman G.A.

Author lecture course

A socionic study course curriculum complete with its basic methodological principles is suggested.
Key words: socionics, study course, methodology, intertype relations, Yu model.

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Management and Personnel 5/2013

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