• Management and Personnel  1/2013

Issue # 1/2013 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

Management Tools

Jelali V.I., Kulinichenko V.L.

Strategic sustainability of social movements and innovative development

A concept of the innovation process and the factors that ensure sustainable innovative development of the organization and society are analyzed.
Key words: economics, management, innovation, new ideas, society.

Informational Structure of Society

Popov V.P., Krajnjuchenko I.V.

Economic growth or normalized consumption?

It is shown that the current model of a market economy is limited by the laws of the biosphere. A number of measures for the transition to a controlled economic development and more efficient resource consumption are proposed.
Key words: global economy, biosphere, management, market economy, competition.

New Technologies

Beletskaya I.Ye., Beletsky S.A.

Socionical environments in collectives

It is given a short description of work of research group over the Situational Socionical Test, developed by authors. The concept of social socionical environments and group socionical environments is entered. The direction of researches, named ekosocionics, is designated.
Key words: socionics, typing, Reinin traits, resonance, socionical environment of small group, ekosocionics, type of information metabolism, socionical test, small groups.

Socionics Methods

Karpenko O.B.

Personality types and settings by Berne-Bukalov

Possible influence of settings by Berne-Bukalov on type functioning is discussed. It is shown that in a case “–”-settings passivity and feebleness on one aspect is compensated or combined with redundancy, confidence on similar aspect of opposite color.
Key words: socionics, settings, type of information metabolism, aspect of information stream, A-model.

Problems of Socionic Education

Popov A.T.

Promotion of socionics in the most western region of Russia - in the Kaliningrad region

The process of propagation of socionics in the Kaliningrad region is described: how it began to develop, what steps it has passed and what perspectives it expected in the region at this time.
Key words: socionics, socionic clubs, development of Socionics, socionics in practice, promotion of socionics in the masses.

Socionic Practical Training

Medvedovskaya N.V.

Identification of socionical traits in text

It is described the author’s experiment on studying of perception of characteristic features various socionical types. The letters of known writers, actors and directors have been given to the participants of experiment for the analysis. The most widespread way of TIM-identification on verbal displays is allocation in a context of statements of the basic functions of “ethics/logic” and “sensing/intuition” taking in account “-version”.
Key words: socionics, the text, type of information metabolism, Reinin traits, typing.

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Management and Personnel 1/2013

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