• Management and Personnel  8/2012

Issue # 8/2012 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

New Technologies

Tsypin P.Ye.

Socionics in recruiting

The application of methods of socionics in recruiting is considered. A number of small groups is analyzed, as well as the ability of the different personality types to the effective implementation of certain activities.
Key words: socionics, recruiting, TIM, dynamics, statics, stress.

Problems of Education

Ovcharov A.A.

Competitiveness of teacher as a result of social and psychological influences in the pedagogical environment

The problem of competitiveness of teacher as the complex phenomenon depending on different factors is considered. The influences of external environment and personality features are analyzed as the basic factors. Different approaches to decision of problem of competitiveness are offered taking into account the modern requirements to the sphere of educational services.
Key words: competitiveness, pedagogical environment, personality.

Personality Psychology

Shlaina V.M.

Understanding in relationships

The features of mutual understanding of partners in different types of interpersonal relationships are described.
Key words: socionics, psychology, relationships, personality, understanding, social relations, informal relationships.

Socionic Methods

Prokofieva T.N.

Information aspects and their semantics

Semantic fields of the informational metabolism aspects, their manifestations in language and speech of the socionic types are considered in details.
Key words: socionics, psychology, intuition, logic, sensation, ethic, informational flow aspect, semantics, speech.

Reinin G.R.

On the definition of personality type

The article represents the definition of the terms type and typology. The relation between typology's content and capacity is investigated. Author analyses existing definitions of the terms typology and classification.
Key words: type, typology, classification.

Pedan T.P.

Socionic types and temperaments

Distribution of temperaments for each informational metabolism type according to the accentuation of blocks of the Model A is proposed. Tempo, emotions, emotional state. Impulsiveness: steadiness and unbalanced state. Complementary and uncomplementary temperaments, the reasons for attractiveness and repulsion in the relations are analyzed. Correspondence of temperaments and Reinin dimensions is considered. Descriptions of behavioral peculiarities of informational metabolism types are given.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism type, temperament, tempo, emotions, emotional state.

Socionic Portraits

Trofimov S.A.

Inner qualities of Intuitive-ethical extravert

Inner psychological traits of the intuitive ethical extrovert are considered. Several peculiarities of the process of personal growth of a personality belonging to this type are described.
Key words: socionics, psychology, informational metabolism type, intuition of possibilities.

Psychology in Army

Rudneva Ye.V.

Adaptation of military personnel from different ethnic groups

Personality qualities, adaptation capabilities and correlation between them for servicemen, passing service on conscription and belonging to different ethnoses, are analyzed.
Key words: military psychology, collective, adaptation, ethnos, mentality.

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Management and Personnel 8/2012

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