• Management and Personnel  5/2012

Issue # 5/2012 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

Management Tools

Shlaina V.M.

Influence of circulation of the information on relations in collective

Knowledge as one of socially-psychological characteristics of collective is considered. There are described the system of intracollective communication as a set of various contacts between members of collective, and also the methods of the office and interpersonal relationship head’s management in collective.
Key words: collective, control, management, the head, the information, type of information metabolism.

New Conceptions

Boukalov A.V.

Periodicity of historical processes

The particular class of global synchronistic archetypes is introduced and has been considered. They affect the historical process on mental and physical level similarly to C. G. Jung's archetypes impact at the human consciousness level which result in periodicity and repetition of some historic events. These archetypes may serve as explanation of historic events coincidence paradox discovered by N.N.Morozov and A.T.Fomenko and erroneously interpreted as counterparts.
Key words: global archetype, history, archaeology, chronology, C.G.Jung's principle of synchronicity, uncausality, physics of consciousness, physical structure of historic time.

Problems of Education

Ovcharov A.A.

Psychodiagnostic technique: determination of the profiling direction for primary school age children

Testing problems pupils for purposes profile teaching are reviewed. Correlation between thinking styles and functional specialization brain hemispheres is described. Relations between thinking styles and subjects teaching are determined.
Key words: thinking, children, school.

Socionic Methods

Filatova Ye.S.

Variants of psychological type

It is presented the experimental result, testifying that each Jung’s psychotype is the superposition not less than ten elementary types.
Key words: psychotype, psychotype variant, “thin structure” of Jung’s psychotype.

Eglit I.M.

Methods of socionical introspection

The technics of socionical introspection, including tracing of thoughts and internal reactions, analytical introspection and supervision over work of mental functions, is described. The examples of reports on introspection and the exercises on development of this technics are resulted.
Key words: socionics, introspection, thoughts, feelings, mental function, function of information metabolism, mentality reaction.

Personality Psychology

Lukovsky M.Yu., Lukovskaya L.N.

Change of mental activity by DFS technique

The investigations carried out on the basis of the psychological methods, which are directed on studying of the affective-emotional sphere and personal peculiarities of the tested persons, as well as written reports and personal conversations with individuals who have passed a method of the differential functional states (DFS) show increase of emotional stability, considerable decrease of anxious-depressive background, lowering of inclination towards using of behavioral routines, rise of intellectual abilities, considerable reduction of frustration and unfavorable signs of stress. Decrease of predomination of the "external locus off control", field-dependence, exterior justification by "important others" are favorable for satisfaction of a need for personal freedom and independence, for creative approach in situations of uncertainty, cultivates independents and self-confidence in a process of taking the decisions. The article contains data and analysis of results obtained for 119 persons by Cattell test before and after passing the DFS-method.
Key words: activity, psychical self-regulation, DFS method, field-dependence, emotional sphere, stress, exterior justification, Cattell test.

Applied Socionics

Pedan T.P.

Memory processes of personality types

It is analyzed, what kind of the information is better remembered by various socionic types and what kind of memory is better to use thus.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism type, memory, memory types, memorization..

Problems of Education

Nazarenko T.V.

Children and their giftedness

In the search of an answer to the question ‘who are gifted children and how to educate gifted children?’ the author considers correlation between gifts and capabilities. Peculiarities of upbringing gifted children are discussed.
Key words: gift, capabilities, upbringing, intellect levels, school, test.


Ushakova N.Ye.

Ethics, humanism and morals in society

From the viewpoint of socionics ancient ethical doctrines and their treatment of the problems of humanism and morality are considered. Confucian moral principles are analyzed according to socionics.
Key words: socionics, ethics, ethical principles, Confucianism, religious systems.

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