• Management and Personnel  3/2012

Issue # 3/2012 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

New Technologies

Pedan T.P., Gladkij T.M.

How to make Adizes system working?

Application of socionics for improvement of Adizes typology and achievement of real results in management is offered. Conformity between socionical types and types in Adizes system is spent. Questions of competent placement of personnel are discussed.
Key words: socionical laws, management system, strengths of the person, quadra, company, psychology, socionics, personnel audit, revealing of weak places and the decision of problems of the organisations, selection and placement of personnel, improvement of work of .

Career Guidance

Shlaina V.M.

Formation of professional consciousness in high school

It is given the concept of the professional consciousness including: self-knowledge by the future experts of professional and personal qualities; the analysis of the modern requirements shown by a trade to the expert; formation of representations about the maintenance of a trade and about himself as its representative; comprehension of value of professional-psychological knowledge for the future professional work.
Key words: a trade, formation, training, professional consciousness, pedagogics, psychology.

Problems of Education

Rimareva I.I.

System of Continuous Education

The article is devoted to the definition of continuous education in the structure of social actuality; the explanation of structural components of continuous education of human-related system, the factors influencing on the continuity of education; and designation of the problem of continuous education in actual practice of educational traditions.
Key words: human-system, continuity, education human, educational system, teaching system, society.

Socionic Methods

Eglit I.M.

Socionical type and its image

The way of origin of an image of a type of informational metabolism (TIM) in the mind of expert-socionics is described. Influence of an TIM-image on result of TIM-identification is considered.
Key words: identification, image of TIM, standard of comparison, verification, A-model.

Khrulev O.A.

Method of occurrence analysis of a text and its application in socionics

Possibilities of application of occurrence analysis in socionics and a methodology of determining a text author are considered. The results obtained by the author demonstrate that psychotype influences occurrence of words in Russian language to lesser extent than the subject, genre and size of the analyzed text.
Key words: socionics, text, author, occurrence analysis, text spectrum, informational metabolism type.

Filimonov A., Kolchin V.

Extending view at personality type in the expanded model of psyche

The article shows peculiarities of work of extended psycho-informational model (model "F") on the examples of TP (ILI) and RI (EII)
Key words: socionics, informational model of psyche, A Model, model "F", informational metabolism functions, intertype relations.

Isaev Yu.V.

The socionical theory of personality development

In this article it is told about the socionical theory of personality development by T.N.Prokofieva, mainly about its practical value, benefit for people and prospects opened by it.
Key words: personality development, socionics, psychology, levels of development, age crises.


Prokofyeva T.N.

Feminism from the socionical point of view

Social roles of men and women in America and Russia are described in terms of integral ethnic informational metabolism types. Issues of sexual equality and distribution of family duties are considered.
Key words: socionics, feminism, gender researches, integral ethnic types, masculine national stereotype, feminine national stereotype, social psychology.

Psychological practical training

Marchevskaja E.B.

Realisation of personal potential

On a basis of transactional analysis vital items and conditions of the Parent, the Child and the Adult are described. The reasons inducing people to search for changes in their lives are considered. Recommendations on formation of the strong Adult are given.
Key words: psychology, transactional analysis, Parent, Child, Adult.

Socionics in nursery

Meged V.V.

Psychological crises at school

The article describes age-specific psychological crises of the school period caused by changes in psychical characteristics of children in course of transition from one stage of personality development to another.
Key words: psychological crisis, stages of forming of psyche, school age, social adaptation, individuation, gender maturing.

Ovcharov A.A.

Arrangement of a children's room and type of the child

Different styles of design and contents of a children room best suitable to child’s demands and inclinations are proposed based on different socionic clubs or actional attitudes which the child’s socionic type may belong to.
Key words: socionics, psychology, action-specific attitude, children room, sensory-logical types, sensory-ethical types, intuitive-logical types, intuitive-ethical types.

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Management and Personnel 3/2012

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