• Management and Personnel  2/2012

Issue # 2/2012 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

New Technologies

Vladimirov O.M.

Socionics, psychology and a trade choice

There are compared psychological and socionical approaches to a trade choice. The lists of the modern trades recommended for certain types of the person are resulted.
Key words: socionics, psychology, a trade, self-determination, creativity.

Social Psychology

Samojlova I.G.

Concept by E.Fromm in a socionical context

The conscious and unconscious layers of the mentality of integral types of collectives and nations are considered from the standpoint of the socionics and E.Fromm’s concept.
Key words: socionics, integral type of informational metabolism (ITIM), psychology, psychoanalysis, conscious, unconscious, holism, wholeness.

Donchenko Ye.A.

The fractal structure of the person and the global social processes

Interaction between the Outer Man and the archetypical, Inner Man may be studied using the concept of Psycho-fractal, which presents the basic arch-structure of psyche as a system of super-stable links between certain elements of the world soul, psyche functions and elements of the psycho-social phenomenon. Such ‘inborn’ arch-structure is immanent to each individual and each society, and is its specific principle of self-realization in the world. Properties of societal and individual psycho-fractals and their internal relation to the concepts of Socionics are considered.
Key words: psyche structure, archetype, psychological culture, psycho-fractal, Socionics, human relationships.

Socionic Methods

Bukalov A.V., Karpenko O.B.

Features of partner perception and intertype relationships

The observed phenomena of the mutual attractiveness between the partners who are in the intertypical relations of conflict or revision is explanted through the formation in the individuals the primary non-differentiated perceptional channels according to the blocks Super-Ego - Super-Id and Ego-Id in the model A. For this reason the intertypical relations mentioned above can be originally taken for dualistic or half-dualistic.
Key words: intertypical relations, conflict, revision, model A.

Filimonov A., Kolchin V.

Extending view at personality type in the expanded model of psyche

The article shows peculiarities of work of extended psycho-informational model (model "F") on the examples of TP (ILI) and RI (EII)
Key words: socionics, informational model of psyche, A Model, model "F", informational metabolism functions, intertype relations.

Socionic Portraits

Aushra Augustinavichute

Characteristic of intuitive-ethical introvert

Detailed description of intuitive-ethic introvert (TE (IEI)), alongside with informational model of psyche (Model A) is given.
Key words: socionics, informational model of psyche, types of informational metabolism, functions of informational metabolism, EGO, SUPER EGO, ID SUPER ID.

Psychological practical training

Meged V.V.

Compatibility of temperaments

Tests determining temperaments and biorhythms are proposed. Peculiarities of people belonging to different temperament are considered, influence of temperaments on manifestations of the socionic types is described. Interaction between people of different temperaments and the degree of their compatibility are considered.
Key words: temperament, choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic, introvert, extrovert, Owls and Larks, relationships, compatibility, test, psychology, socionics.

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Management and Personnel 2/2012

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