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Issue # 4/2012 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal


Mitrokhina A.L.

When, how and why the eighth function speaks

Psycholinguistic and behavioral analysis shows that demonstrativeness, backgroundness and instrumentality are the different modes of the eighth function in the dual relations. Their choice and inclusion depends on the specific changes of the information flow on aspect, on the individual situational request from the dual partner, and on the need to give it a short, but important recommendation.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, psychology, dual relationships, information model of psyche, model A.

Medvedovskaya N.V.

Experimental study of sociotypes’ emotionality

It is experimentally demonstrated a connection between the frequency of experiences / importance of the most basic emotions and socionical type. The results can be a basis for drawing up the emotional profiles of informational metabolism types.
Key words: socionics, informational metabolism type, the psychology of emotions, basic emotions.

Beljakova T.V.

Practical recommendations on the application of the type of information metabolism knowledge in the treatment of neurosis considering the character accentuations

The relation between the character accentuation and the types of information metabolism (TIM) is shown. In the therapy of the accentuations should take into account the knowledge of the client’s TIM for greater efficiency. This knowledge enables faster and more accurately, not by shuffling, pick up the therapeutic techniques.
Key words: socionics, psychotherapy, the type of information metabolism, accentuation, and character.

Intertype relationships

Bukalov A.V.

Descriptions of intertype relationships

The descriptions of the intertype relationships with the examples and analysis of interactions on the A-model are given.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, type of information metabolism, A-model, function of information metabolism.

Analytical Psychology

Kameneva S.K., Kharisova R.R.

Comparison and analyze of socionical and psychoanalytical terminology

A set of terms is considered in the article which are taken from the psychoanalysis to the socionics concerning the model A. Similarities and distinctions of inserting meanings and senses are marked out.
Key words: socionics, psychoanalysis, the structure of the psyche, the conscious, the foreconscious, the unconscious, Ego, Super-Ego, Id, Super-Id.

Informational Structure of Society

Shkavro Z.N.

Comparative analysis of the stages of development of society according to futurology and socionics

It is carried out a comparative analysis of changing social structures according to the conclusions obtained on the basis of methods of futurology and socionics. It is shown that futurists uniquely difficult to determine the number stages of the society development, changed each other, because the methods of futurology does not clearly differentiate the features that characterize the different stages of social transformation. On the basis of main provisions of socionics, particularly quadral succession law, the law of social development according to the rings of social progress and the A-model (TIM as a unit of society), it was found that each step in the transformation of society and the priorities of the values and structure of relations corresponded to one from 4 quadras. It is confirmed that the quadras change is in direct sequence. Based on the established laws, it is made the predict of development of a social formation, coming into force. It is shown that the society goes to the next level of development, corresponding to the 1-st quadra of 2-nd Socion (in the hypersocion structure).
Key words: socionics, futurology, information, economy, culture, society.

Language and Semantics

Zavgorodny V.O.

"Prointuition" in cumulative tales

The connection between the concepts of constructive building in mathematics and a special role to play for mental and cognitive processes in children is detected. It is given the illustration of construction of various objects in folklore, including fairy tales.
Key words: socionics, intuition, intuitionism, tale, cumulative.


Bratkov Yu.N.

Symmetrization of the periodic system of the socion

The PSS by G. Schulman is clarified. The new version of the PSS is more symmetrical, which allows to see in it a non-trivial geometry, to loop the PSS, to detect the equality of dual shifts in quadra, to rid ILE of a strange fate, and a couple IEI-SLE of particular tension interaction, to expose the sensory nature of IEI, to help extroverts suppress introverts, to do the control relations more logical and to look in a different perspective on the work of the rings of social progress.
Key words: socionics, socion, intertype relationships, quadra, duality, Periodical system of Socion.

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