• Management and Personnel  10/2013

Issue # 10/2013 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

New Technologies

Glazyrina E.A.

How ethical-sensory introvert become successful and realized in professional field

It is described the quality of the ethical-sensory introvert that facilitate building a successful professional career. There are given the recommendations to representatives of this type of personality, how to realize their strengths.
Key words: management, socionics, personality type, career development, career.

Management Tools

Prokofieva T.N., Tzygenov A.V.

Stress Tolerance

What is stress? Is it always dangerous? How to cope with stressful situations at home and at work? How to apply knowledge of socionics to improve own stress tolerance? These questions are answered in this article.
Key words: socionics, psychology, types of informational metabolism, a small group of stress, stress, distress, the outputs of stressful situations.

Socionics Methods

Bukalov A.V.

Basic concepts of Socionics

The basic concepts of socionics are systematically explicated. There are described 8 aspects of the information flow, which are perceived and processed by psychical functions. The semantics of information aspects are set out.
Key words: socionics, informational aspect, psychical function.

Yermak V.D.

Control and Communication in the model of the psyche

The concept of information model of psyche is analysed. It is shown that it is necessary to consider in model of psyche two types of information: the information of management transfer and the real information about interaction of psyche with the world. Such approach creates the reliable methodological bases for identification of type of information metabolism.
Key words: socionics, psychology, typology, information model of psyche, psychical function, consciousness function, A-model.

Informational Structure of Society

Donchenko E., Romanenko Ju.

The archetypes of social life and politics

Archetypes of the Slavic mentality, in particular - Ukrainian and Russian are reproduced at each stage of the historical and socio-political development. Awareness of shadow, the negative aspects of mentality will neutralize them and move to a qualitatively new level of development.
Key words: history, ethics mentality, the structure of society, politics, ethnicity, society.

Socionics and Life

Beletskaya I.Ye., Beletsky S.A.

Dual relationships

Dual relations from the point of view of personal growth are considered. Recommendations about harmonisation of relationships in dual dyads are given.
Key words: socionics, socionic type, dual relationships, dualization.

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Management and Personnel 10/2013

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