• Management and Personnel  1-2/2016

Issue # 1-2/2016 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

New Technologies

Beletskaya I.E.

Socionics and existential analysis in motivation. Practical experience

It is proposed method for a supplement the traditional system of staff motivation in companies with cross-functional organizational structure in accordance with the structural model, taking into account the typology of Jung. During the implementation of this method in combination with the traditional method of motivation, adopted by most companies with cross-functional organizational structure, the level of motivation of employees to the work increases by forming an internal agreement on four fundamental conditions of existence.
Key words: motivation, management, typology, structural model, organizational structure.

Management Tools

Toknov N.Yu., Tikhomirova Yu.A.

Socionic methods for setting of work tasks

It is described the application of socionics in the work. The questions of setting targets to subordinate, control performance and motivation are considered. It is recommended the most comfortable and convenient approach to setting targets for each employee.
Key words: socionics, TIM, functions in A-model , stimuli groups, delegation, task setting, performance monitoring, SMART, SWOT, motivation.

Zvonareva N.A.

Application of diagonal imperatives in advertising offers

In this paper the advertising offers had been analyzed to use socionics and the possibility of applying the diagonal imperatives in positioning.
Key words: socionics, positioning, advertising, diagonal imperatives.

Solomko L.R.

The role of the leader in the prevention of negative phenomena in the collective

It is shown that the leader, taking into account the peculiarities of intertype relations in the working collective, can prevent development of the conflicts and stimulate effective teamwork of employees.
Key words: collective, leader, socionic type, intertype relations, management, conflict.

Informational Structure of Society

Bukalov A.V.

Analysis of historical processes

Methods of integral socionics show the limitations and imperfections of many particular theories of the historical process. Only the synthesis of these theories are based on the concept of the information structure of society and the stages of its evolution allows us to give a comprehensive picture of the historical process. An analysis of some processes of ancient history shows the application of the principles of integral socionics in the synthesis and generalization of the theory of the historical process.
Key words: integral socionics, society, informational aspects, history, Toynbee concept, Marxism, L.Gumilev theory, ancient history.

Popov V.P., Krajnjuchenko I.V.

Management of future for the salvation of civilization

Today's market and competitive relationship in the pursuit of profit maximization deplete the natural resources, bringing humanity to the ecological collapse. It is necessary to stop the spontaneous development, to go to state regulation of access to scarce resources. The scheme of rationing economy is proposed.
Key words: economy, ecology, survival, regulation, governance.

Problems of Education

Meged' V.V.

Phased formation of the child's personality

From the standpoints of socionics and the informational metabolism model the author considers various stages of formation of child individuality and proposes her suggestions to educationists and pedagogues.
Key words: socionics, socionic type, education, pedagogy, personality, psychological criteria, periods of development of psyche, quadral periods.

Socionic Methods

Shlaina V.M.

Socionic type as a resource in psychological counseling

There are examined the expediency of handling to socionic type of client to ascertain and determine the root of the problem, as well as opportunities to strengthen self-consciousness in order to develop the ability of self-help.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism (TIM), psychological counseling.

Samoljuk S.S.

Socionic education

The author describes the methods of socionic education for students and professionals of communication professions: teachers, psychologists and social workers. The listeners introduce the basic concepts of socionics and scope of its application.
Key words: socionics, psychology, social protection, education.

Integral Socionics

Bukalov A.V.

Evolution of civilization

In terms of socionics and, in particular, the law of quadral succession of Bukalov-Gulenko, possible options of development of the human civilization in the context of existence of other biospheres and civilizations in the Galaxy and the Universe as a whole is considered. Based on the new physical approach to description of characteristics of the living matter, the author managed to obtain for the first time the quantitative meaning of mass of the living matter in the Universe, the number of biospheres in the Universe, and the number of biospheres in our Galaxy. Fundamental unsuitability of the paradigm of expansive and extensive strategies of development of the modern terrestrial civilization cultivated by the extroverted Western culture being at the stage of development corresponding to the third quadra, is demonstrated. Transition to the fourth stage of evolution of the human civilization is inevitable, which will result in dominance of the strategy of intensive development based on utilization of low energy quantum technologies, which makes a civilization low-radiant and practically undetectable in the electromagnetic range. This process is accompanied by demographic stabilization. The proposed scenario proves to be the only possible for survival of the civilization. The performed analysis explains absence of contacts with existing extraterrestrial civilizations in the modern age and gives solution to E.Fermi’s astro-sociological paradox.
Key words: SETI, number of biospheres in the Universe, astrobiology, life in the Galaxy, civilization development strategy, new communication means, thermodynamics, integral socionics, law of quadral succession.


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