The reasons of absence of the complete general theory of psychics, covering all levels of consciousness and unconscious, including transpersonal psychology, are analyzed. It is shown that the concept of the quantum nature of psychics, offered by the author, allows to explain in the consistent image all known mental phenomena. Thus the theory of information metabolism — socionics — describes system image a considerable part of mental structures (Jung-Augustinuvichjute psychical functions) as the systems of quantum processors and offers the new device for the description of the psychics work.

Key words: structure of psychics, psychical function, the quantum processor, consciousness, socionics, transpersonal psychology.



Bukalov A.V. Socionics: on the way to the general theory of psychics // Socionics, mentology and personality psychology. — 2011. — № 2. — P. 7–12.

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“Socionics: on the way to the general theory of psychics” by Bukalov A.V.

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