• Socionics  3/2012

Issue # 3/2012 of “Socionics, mentology and personality psychology…” journal

Lectures on Integral Socionics

Bukalov A.V.

Ethnosocionics and analysis of sociopolitical processes

In numerous examples it is discussed the phenomenon of phase change in development of ethnoses and the states, as well as connection of this process with the socionics laws, with quadras changing. The understanding of information structure of integrated type of ethnos, society or state gives the chance to analyze events of ancient and modern history of France, Japan, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
Key words: socionics, ethnopsychology, mentality of ethnoses, integrated type, international relations.


Meged' V.V., Ovcharov A.A.

Differential socionics and variability of types. Practical application and development prospects

The direction “Differential socionics”, using author's dynamical model of interpretation of type and relations, is described. In this direction variability of type, its accents, subtypes and psychoforms is considered.
Key words: socionics, personality type, intertype relations, information aspects.

Zavgorodny V.O.

In search of "time" parametre

Within the limits of the concept of dimensions of mental functions by A.V.Bukalov the concept of vector time (or globality) of the first, four-dimensional function of the information model of psyche is in detail considered. The examples of the manifestation of this vector are resulted, its correspondences with the vectors of personal experience, social norms and situations are analysed.
Key words: socionics, functions of information metabolism, regularity of functions, time, globality.

Schneider L.I.

Become painful

The article purpose is to underline necessity of high-grade introspection in socionics. The article is addressed primarily to all beginners to study Socionics, as well as those who use it in counseling activities.
Key words: socionics, a point of the least resistance, a diagonal imperative, acceptance of, efficiency of aspect.

Intertype relationships

Denisova A., Pushkareva A.

I bring up Prince!

There are considered the most important features of the parent-child interaction, whose types are paired Extinguishment, or Contrary, intertype relationships. There are numerous examples of such interaction, as well as recommendations for creating conditions for harmonious development of the child in such pair.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, personality type, parent, child, education, development.

Personality Psychology

Galickaya A.K.

The comparative analysis of the humanistic concept of the person by A. Lazursky and the humanitarian approach in socionics by V. Gulenko

In article the comparative characteristic of psychosocial classification of the person by Lazursky and multilevel structure of the person by Gulenko is given. The correlation of concepts «endo-psyche» and «exo-psyche» in the personality theory by Lazursky with concepts «sociotype», «subtype» and «communicative model» in humanitarian socionics is considered. Both approaches are analysed by several criterias: to a way of construction, complexity and a principle of allocation of types.
Key words: personality theory, humanitarian socionics, classification of the person by Lazursky, endo-psyche, exo-psyche, adaptation.

Socionic Practical Training

Pedan T.P.

Widespread use of Socionics

Theory and practice of the workshop "Who's your half, how to find him/her and to save the love," show the way to self-knowledge of Socionics, harmonize relationships, find your half.
Key words: duality, love, relationships, personal harmony, harmony of relationships, conflicts, A-model, character, psychology, Socionics, search for your half.


Evdokimov Y.Y.

The principle of feedback in the esoteric teachings

The article deals with the principle of feedback — positive and negative — in the popular esoteric teachings, as well as in the Bible.
Key words: systems approach, negative feedback, positive feedback, esoterism.

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