• Psychology & Socionics  9/2013

Issue # 9/2013 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal


Shlaina V.M.

The use of socionic type resources in problem-oriented psychological counseling

There are examined the expediency of handling to socionic type of client to ascertain and determine the root of the problem, as well as opportunities to strengthen self-consciousness in order to develop the ability of self-help.
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism (TIM), psychological counseling.

Stukas V.A.

Diagnosis of personality type

In the article the preconditions, the purpose, the concept and the technique maintenance “Diagnostics of of personality type by T-data” are stated. The course of the experimental research devoted to working off of the technique is described. The advantages of the technique are proved and its additional possibilities are resulted.
Key words: verbal thinking, dynamic properties of individual, differential psychology, information properties of the individual, the distorting effect of self-esteem, psychical function (PF), psychomotor test, Spearman coefficient r, personality questionnaires, logical thinking, mobilization PF, the reliability of psychological tests, spatial thinking, strong PF, strength / weakness of the central nervous system, weak PF, socionics, typology, level of intelligence (IQ), IQ-test, “L”-data, “Q”-data, “T”-data.

Language and Semantics

Schneider L.I.

On the ethical styles of communication

A serious problem of communications lies in the translation of senses from one language on another, each of which has a lot of semantic and grammatical features. The article shows how to identify and preserve socionic communication style of the author when translated into another language makes it more accurate transmission of both emotional and substantive components of the product. The results of observations point to the opening capacity to hear the true depth and content of a foreign language
Key words: socionics, type of information metabolism, foreign languages, application, communication style, direct and literary translations.

Intertype relationships

Denisova A.A., Pushkareva A.N.

I bring up Prince!

There are considered the most important features of the parent-child interaction, whose types are paired Extinguishment, or Contrary, intertype relationships. There are numerous examples of such interaction, as well as recommendations for creating conditions for harmonious development of the child in such pair.
Key words: socionics, intertype relationships, personality type, parent, child, education, development.


Kozin R.A.

Babylon or Socion?

The fundamental questions of socionics and methods for determining socionical type are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to this problem are discussed.
Key words: socionics, personality type, temperament, theory of functional systems, neuropsychology.

Socionic Portraits

Romanov L.A.

She and He for me

It is an author's view on personality types and their manifestations.
Key words: socionics, psychological type.



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