• Psychology & Socionics  7-8/2013

Issue # 7-8/2013 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal


Bukalov A.V.

Socionics and the theory of mental processes

The reasons of absence of the complete general theory of psychics, covering all levels of consciousness and unconscious, including transpersonal psychology, are analyzed. It is shown that the concept of the quantum nature of psychics, offered by the author, allows to explain in the consistent image all known mental phenomena. Thus the theory of information metabolism — socionics — describes system image a considerable part of mental structures (Jung-Augustinuvichjute psychical functions) as the systems of quantum processors and offers the new device for the description of the psychics work.
Key words: structure of psychics, psychical function, the quantum processor, consciousness, socionics, transpersonal psychology.

Practical Psychology

Chekalova T.A.

Vocational guidance in the mirror of Socionics

Possibilities of application of socionics in career guidance are considered. The author’s test determining so called socionic indexes is proposed for use in career guidance.
Key words: career guidance, consulting, management, socionics, psychological type.

Reutsky M.V., Karepova E.V.

The most common customer questions to the psychologist-consultant

The authors share their experiences of the primary interview with the client for psychologist-beginers. The most frequently customer questions are considered, and the answers are offered.
Key words: psychological servicethe client, individual counseling, psychotherapy, psycho-correctional work.

Gender Studies

Osipov A.V.

Gender, Evolution and Socionics

In article connection socionics and the evolutionary theory of sex is considered. The hypothesis about the evolutionary nature of Augustinavichjute-Reinin traits is stated. The statistical analysis of gender stereotypes available in the literature is carried out and their connection with traits of Jung basis is tracked. Also the analysis of the statistical data available in the literature on distribution of traits of Jung basis among men and women is carried out. On the basis of this data it is shown that traits of Jung basis have the evolutionary nature (in terms of the evolutionary theory of sex), the direction and an evolution phase are specified.
Key words: sex, the evolutionary theory of sex, sexual dimorphism, gender, gender stereotypes, socionics, Jung basis, Reinin traits.

Socionic Practical Training

Meged V.V., Ovcharov A.A.

Socionic test and characteristics of types and relationships

An authors’ test for determining of socionic types is proposed, short descriptions of personality types and intertype relationships are given.
Key words: socionics, testing, test, personality type, intertype relationships.

Socionic Methods

Koltzova V.Ju.

Why do we need compliments

The article is devoted how correctly to pay compliments, what benefit from them of them and how to use socionics that the compliment "has hit the nail".
Key words: socionics, TIM, SuperId, suggestive function, referential function, aspect of information, express diagnostics, compliment.


Kozin R.A.

Babylon or Socion?

The fundamental questions of socionics and methods for determining socionical type are considered. The advantages and disadvantages of different approaches to this problem are discussed.
Key words: socionics, personality type, temperament, theory of functional systems, neuropsychology.

Socionic Portraits

Romanov L.A.

She and He for me

It is an author's view on personality types and their manifestations.
Key words: socionics, psychological type.



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Psychology & Socionics 7-8/2013

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