• Psychology & Socionics  11/2012

Issue # 11/2012 of “Psychology and socionics of interpersonal relationships…” journal

Socionic Methods

Ispravnikov S.A.

Overcoming of Scenarios of Life using Socionics

There are socionic analysis of main scenarios of life, correlations between this scenarios and socionics functions and overcoming advices in the article.
Key words: scenarios of life, A model, intellectual development.

Filatova Ye.S.

Description of the Reinin Traits in the Talanov Model. Part 1

This work is devoted to the detailed analysis of Talanov model, on which basis the author of model enters additional parametres both for Jung functions and for communication channels. Reinin traits constructivism-emotivism, and also tactics-strategy, found the explanation within the limits of T-model on the basis of steadiness and an unbalance of functions are investigated.
Key words: T-model, Reinin traits, steadiness-unbalance of functions, constructivism-emotivizm, tactics-strategy.


Stukas V.A.

Subtypes on the T-Model

The theoretical bases of allocation of two subtypes, empirically revealed by V.V.Gulenko, from a position of psychophysiological T-model are expounded. There are proposed the short characteristics of subtypes of all 16 socionical types, proceeding from psychophysiological bases.
Key words: dichotomy, introtimness, unbalanced subtype, subtypes, psychical function, psychophysiological Т-model, arole, socionical type, signals of high intensity, signals of low intensity, typology, type of information metabolism (TIM), brake filter of the top le.


Tangemann O.B.

On the Types of Thinking and Logic in Terms of Socionics

It is described the new criteria of differentiating between personality types based on the propensity to absolute or relative type of thinking. Way of thinking and expressing your own judgment is the typological feature which correlates directly with aspects of extroverted and introverted logics positioned in the conscious block of the models A and Butterfly. Knowing the type of mentality will get you a step forward on your way to understanding the personality type.
Key words: absolute thinking, relative thinking, introverted logic, extraverted logic, consciousness, type, personality, socionics.


Litvinenko I.Yu.

On the Methodological Advantages of Socionics

It is compared psychological and socionic methodology through concept of the dimensionality of functions of informational metabolism (FIM). The conclusion about world outlook and methodological advantage of socionics in comparison with psychology that leads to difficulty of dialogue between their subjects becomes.
Key words: socionics, psychology, outlook, methodology, the theory, practice, dimensionality of FIM, parametres of FIM.

Mathematical Methods in Socionics

Kopnov V.A.

Modeling of Typology by Fuzzy Subsets

The new concept of construction of the psychological types, based on the theory of fuzzy sets is offered. An existent "determinedness" in definition of the types, being, apparently, an insuperable barrier to the further development of psychology of types and modeling of behavior of an individual, is replaced with unclear, fuzzy representations about construction of a portrait of an individual. For an illustration of such approach socionics is used. The formal logic, presenting in socionics, is translated into language of fuzzy sets and logic that gives considerable expansion of possibilities of procedure of modeling of behavior of an individual and quality of its identification with one or another type.
Key words: socionics, fuzzy subsets, fuzzy portrait of an individual, fuzzy socionic portrait, a clothes of an individual, development of personality.

Socionic Practical Training

Meged V.V., Ovcharov A.A

The Socionic Test

The authors’ test for determining of the socionic personality type is proposed to the attention of readers
Key words: socionics, psychology, irrationality, rationality, extroversion, introversion, logic, ethic, intuition, sensation, testing.



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