• Management and Personnel  7/2014

Issue # 7/2014 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

Informational Structure of Society

Bukalov A.V.

The laws of ethnosocionics

In numerous examples it is discussed the phenomenon of phase change in development of ethnoses and the states, as well as connection of this process with the socionics laws, with quadras changing. The understanding of information structure of integrated type of ethnos, society or state gives the chance to analyze events of ancient and modern history of France, Japan, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.
Key words: socionics, ethnopsychology, mentality of ethnoses, integrated type, international relations.

Ovcharov A.A.

Factors of influence on social consolidation

The social and psychological factors affecting the consolidation of social consolidation are considered. The special attention is paid to the factors of consolidation of Ukrainian nation. The internal and external, objective and subjective factors of consolidation are analyzed. In addition, attention is paid to such aspects as the constructive and destructive consolidation. The important role of the entropy factor in the consolidation process is emphasized.
Key words: consolidation, external, internal, subjective and objective factors, entropy, constructive and destructive consolidation.

Socionics Methods

Tupjakova A.A.

Groups of decision-making method

The article is devoted to analysis of small groups on compare match of rational functions in the block EGO of model A. The groups are examined in the horizontal block model and the general aspect of the information included in each block. The examples of statements of representatives of psychological types in each group are provided.
Key words: socionics, A model, horizontal blocks , small groups, logic of relations , ethics of emotions, ethics of relationships , logic of operations , subjectivism, objectivism.

Medvedeva I.A.

Self-presentation of socionical type

The article describes the verbal tactics of self-presentation senserno-ethical introvert. The author describes some of the verbal formulas of self-presentation and makes recommendations on their use.
Key words: verbal self-presentation, socionics, model A, ego, superego, superid, id, features, aspects.

Problems of Education

Elfimova M.M., Melnikova D.V.

Mythological aspects of self-image of the teacher

Declared ideals and pedagogical theories, no matter how high quality they are, inevitably faced with self-awareness of educator, who brings in them his own interpretive sense, adjusts them under system of values and beliefs about himself, so as not to disrupt the previously constructed interaction strategies with the World. A teacher, directly organizing the learning process, creates a number of conditions of specific manifestation of himself. They affect the efficiency of the interactions in the dyad “teacher–student”. The article deals with the structural and content features of the “mythological self-image” of teachers defining their specific style of interpersonal interaction in the “teacher–student” system. The study revealed substantial variation in the characteristics of “mythological self-image” of teachers who are making adjustments to the implementation of the model of interpersonal interaction (style) with the student, as well as how the “mythological self-image” and its structural and content features influence the style of interaction between teacher and students.
Key words: myth, mythological self-image, archetype, style of interpersonal interaction.

Psychology in Army

Ivanov D.А.

Problems of autoaggression of military personnel

The results of author’s various investigations over some years, judgements and literature data regarding prevention of servicemen suicide behaviour were summarized in the article. It is raised a question concerning occurrence and causes of attempted suicide in military environment.
Key words: suicide behaviour, presuicide syndrome, risk factors, psychoprophylaxis, enlisted men.


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Management and Personnel 7/2014

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