• Management and Personnel  5/2014

Issue # 5/2014 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

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Beletsky S.A.

Prediction capabilities of post-Jungian typologies in career counseling

It is considered the connection professional preferences and styles of activities within the post-Jungian typologies, depending on the dominant psychical functions of personality type.
Key words: Jung's typology, post-Jungian typology, profession, psychological type, socionics.

Socionics Methods

Bukalov A.V.

Basic concepts of Socionics. Socionic types

The basic concepts of socionics are systematically explicated. There are described 8 aspects of the information flow, which are perceived and processed by psychical functions. The semantics of information aspects and their signs are set out. There are described the Jung dichotomies. The construction of socionics model of the psyche is considered.
Key words: socionics, informational aspect, psychical function, model, Jung dichotomies.

Socionic Methods

Ispravnikov S.A.

Socionic methods for out of unfavorable life scenarios

There are socionic analysis of main scenarios of life, correlations between this scenarios and socionics functions and overcoming advices in the article.
Key words: scenarios of life, A model, intellectual development.

Problems of Education

Berezovchuk A.V., Starshov M.A., Shantroha A.V.

Teaching styles of eminent scientists

Peculiarities of teaching and style of lectures of various noted scientists are considered.
Key words: pedagogics, psychology, science, education, lectures, lecturers, students.

Health Psychology

Litnovskaya N.A.

Thinking, emotions and health

Influence of thinking on emotions and state of health is considered. Connection between domination in the human organism of the certain internals-systems and ways of thinking is described.
Key words: psychophysiology, thinking, personality, emotions, physiological reactions, psychosomatic manifestations, method of Nakatani, medicine of Ancient China.

Ivanov D.A.

Problem of alcohol abuses

The questions of alcohol addiction from ancient times are examined on the basis of the analysis of domestic and foreign literature. The origins of drunkenness in armed forces of different countries of the world are shown.
Key words: alcoholism, origins of drunkenness, armed forces of different countries of the world.

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Management and Personnel 5/2014

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