• Management and Personnel  7/2012

Issue # 7/2012 of “Management and personnel: psychology of management, socionics and sociology…” journal

Informational Structure of Society

Ovcharov A.A.

The influence of the biosphere on the formation mechanism of the mentality of society and socialization

It is considered the influence of a climate and geographical conditions on formation of ethnic mentality. Propensities of inhabitants of the various countries to those or other kinds of economic and cultural activity are analysed.
Key words: biosphere, society, socialization, climate, ethnic mentality.

Personality Psychology

Kal'cheva N.G.

Social networks: what pushes people to "live" in them?

The reasons of occurrence of psychological dependence on social networks are considered.
Key words: Internet, dependence, dialogue, social network.

Socionic Methods

Shlaina V.M.

Mental function and human development

Based on the analysis of the socionic informational structure of psyche and A.Bukalov’s theory of dimensionality of the informational metabolism functions, the issues of social and psychological adaptation of people and their psychological correction are considered.
Key words: socionics, psychical functions, adaptation, psychical correction, dimensionality of informational metabolism functions, global parameters, experience parameter, situational parameter, norm parameter.

Psychology in Army

Ivanov D.A.

Features of suicidal behavior of military men

The results of author’s various investigations over some years, judgements and literature data regarding prevention of servicemen suicide behaviour were summarized in the article. It is raised a question concerning occurrence and causes of attempted suicide in military environment.
Key words: suicide behaviour, presuicide syndrome, risk factors, psychoprophylaxis, enlisted men.

Problems of Socionic Education

Mitrokhina A.L.

Experience of Socionics teaching at the Moscow institute

The author's experience of socionics teaching in the Moscow high schools is described. The reports of students on importance of socionics studying and the term paper examples at faculty of journalism of the Moscow State University are resulted.
Key words: socionics, teaching, advertising, journalism, vocational guidance.

Socionics in nursery

Prokofieva T.N., Prokofiev V.G., Devyatkin A.S., Isaev Yu.V.

Diagnosis of psychological types of preschool children

The article is devoted to the questions of diagnostics of socionical types of children of preschool age. In the article the features of the approach to children, forms of carrying out of diagnostics, examples of display of typological features are considered. Also in the article the analysis of drawing test “flag” is considered.
Key words: socionics, diagnostics, socionical assessment, type of information metabolism, pedagogics.

New Conceptions

Boukalov A.V.

Manifestation of synchronistic events in space-time

It is shown that the phenomenon of psycho-informational (psychic) environment structuring and quantitation (as discovered by the author earlier) manifests itself also in the structure of physical temporal-spatial environment on the causal level, thus forming a “magic row” of numbers: 7±1, 10±1, 17±1, 27±1, 44±1… which act as indicators of integral patterns characteristic to any given event. As processing of statistical data related to 850 information on accidents and catastrophes has shown, the number of individuals involved in each such accident has been truly correspondent to the “magic row” numbers. Therefore, it shall be possible to use causal models (analogous to socionic ones) for description of the internal structure of the physical temporal-spatial environment, and to create a singular fractal model (B(SIN)) that would include in itself structures of psycho-informational environment (Ψ, I), physical temporal-spatial environment (X, T) and energy impulse (p, E). The “temporal-spatial” component of the model is semantically tied to the psychic one and synchronistically (as C.Jung) influences participants of the event forming indivisible synchronistic event patterns indicated by the number of participating subjects or objects. The B(SIN) model also gives explanation of some paradoxes related to “recurrence of humane history” and discovered by N.Мorozov and А.Fomenko, and certain other phenomena.
Key words: socionics, structuring of psychic environment, synchronistic model, synchronics, Bukalov's “magic row”, synchronistic archetypes, history.

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Management and Personnel 7/2012

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